Tita. My Oberon, what visions haue I seene! Me-thought I was enamoured of an asse

Ob. There lies your loue

Tita. How came these things to passe? Oh, how mine eyes doth loath this visage now! Ob. Silence a while. Robin take off his head: Titania, musick call, and strike more dead Then common sleepe; of all these, fine the sense

Tita. Musicke, ho musicke, such as charmeth sleepe.

Musick still.

Rob. When thou wak'st, with thine owne fooles eies peepe

Ob. Sound musick; come my Queen, take hands with me And rocke the ground whereon these sleepers be. Now thou and I new in amity, And will to morrow midnight, solemnly Dance in Duke Theseus house triumphantly, And blesse it to all faire posterity. There shall the paires of faithfull Louers be Wedded, with Theseus, all in iollity

Rob. Faire King attend, and marke, I doe heare the morning Larke, Ob. Then my Queene in silence sad, Trip we after the nights shade; We the Globe can compasse soone, Swifter then the wandering Moone

Tita. Come my Lord, and in our flight, Tell me how it came this night, That I sleeping heere was found,

Sleepers Lye still.

With these mortals on the ground.


Winde Hornes.

Enter Theseus, Egeus, Hippolita and all his traine.

Thes. Goe one of you, finde out the Forrester, For now our obseruation is perform'd; And since we haue the vaward of the day, My Loue shall heare the musicke of my hounds. Vncouple in the Westerne valley, let them goe; Dispatch I say, and finde the Forrester. We will faire Queene, vp to the Mountains top, And marke the musicall confusion Of hounds and eccho in coniunction

Hip. I was with Hercules and Cadmus once. When in a wood of Creete they bayed the Beare With hounds of Sparta; neuer did I heare Such gallant chiding. For besides the groues, The skies, the fountaines, euery region neere, Seeme all one mutuall cry. I neuer heard So musicall a discord, such sweet thunder

Thes. My hounds are bred out of the Spartan kinde, So flew'd, so sanded, and their heads are hung With eares that sweepe away the morning dew, Crooke kneed, and dew-lapt, like Thessalian Buls, Slow in pursuit, but match'd in mouth like bels, Each vnder each. A cry more tuneable Was neuer hallowed to, nor cheer'd with horne, In Creete, in Sparta, nor in Thessaly; Iudge when you heare. But soft, what nimphs are these? Egeus. My Lord, this is my daughter heere asleepe, And this Lysander, this Demetrius is, This Helena, olde Nedars Helena, I wonder of this being heere together

The. No doubt they rose vp early, to obserue The right of May; and hearing our intent, Came heere in grace of our solemnity. But speake Egeus, is not this the day That Hermia should giue answer of her choice? Egeus. It is, my Lord

Thes. Goe bid the hunts-men wake them with their hornes.

Hornes and they wake.

Shout within, they all start vp.

Thes. Good morrow friends: Saint Valentine is past, Begin these wood birds but to couple now? Lys. Pardon my Lord

Thes. I pray you all stand vp. I know you two are Riuall enemies. How comes this gentle concord in the world, That hatred is so farre from iealousie, To sleepe by hate, and feare no enmity

Lys. My Lord, I shall reply amazedly, Halfe sleepe, halfe waking. but as yet, I sweare, I cannot truly say how I came heere. But as I thinke (for truly would I speake) And now I doe bethinke me, so it is; I came with Hermia hither. Our intent Was to be gone from Athens, where we might be Without the perill of the Athenian Law

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