Luc. Away: let's goe learne the truth of it.


Bawd. Thus, what with the war; what with the sweat, what with the gallowes, and what with pouerty, I am Custom-shrunke. How now? what's the newes with you.

Enter Clowne.

Clo. Yonder man is carried to prison

Baw. Well: what has he done? Clo. A Woman

Baw. But what's his offence? Clo. Groping for Trowts, in a peculiar Riuer

Baw. What? is there a maid with child by him? Clo. No: but there's a woman with maid by him: you haue not heard of the proclamation, haue you? Baw. What proclamation, man? Clow. All howses in the Suburbs of Vienna must bee pluck'd downe

Bawd. And what shall become of those in the Citie? Clow. They shall stand for seed: they had gon down to, but that a wise Burger put in for them

Bawd. But shall all our houses of resort in the Suburbs be puld downe? Clow. To the ground, Mistris

Bawd. Why heere's a change indeed in the Commonwealth: what shall become of me? Clow. Come: feare not you; good Counsellors lacke no Clients: though you change your place, you neede not change your Trade: Ile bee your Tapster still; courage, there will bee pitty taken on you; you that haue worne your eyes almost out in the seruice, you will bee considered

Bawd. What's to doe heere, Thomas Tapster? let's withdraw? Clo. Here comes Signior Claudio, led by the Prouost to prison: and there's Madam Iuliet.


Scena Tertia.

Enter Prouost, Claudio, Iuliet, Officers, Lucio, & 2.Gent.

Cla. Fellow, why do'st thou show me thus to th' world? Beare me to prison, where I am committed

Pro. I do it not in euill disposition, But from Lord Angelo by speciall charge

Clau. Thus can the demy-god (Authority) Make vs pay downe, for our offence, by waight The words of heauen; on whom it will, it will, On whom it will not (soe) yet still 'tis iust

Luc. Why how now Claudio? whence comes this restraint

Cla. From too much liberty, (my Lucio) Liberty As surfet is the father of much fast, So euery Scope by the immoderate vse Turnes to restraint: Our Natures doe pursue Like Rats that rauyn downe their proper Bane, A thirsty euill, and when we drinke, we die

Luc. If I could speake so wisely vnder an arrest, I would send for certaine of my Creditors: and yet, to say the truth, I had as lief haue the foppery of freedome, as the mortality of imprisonment: what's thy offence, Claudio? Cla. What (but to speake of) would offend againe

Luc. What, is't murder? Cla. No

Luc. Lecherie? Cla. Call it so

Pro. Away, Sir, you must goe

Cla. One word, good friend: Lucio, a word with you

Luc. A hundred: If they'll doe you any good: Is Lechery so look'd after? Cla. Thus stands it with me: vpon a true contract I got possession of Iulietas bed, You know the Lady, she is fast my wife, Saue that we doe the denunciation lacke Of outward Order. This we came not to, Onely for propogation of a Dowre Remaining in the Coffer of her friends, From whom we thought it meet to hide our Loue Till Time had made them for vs. But it chances The stealth of our most mutuall entertainment With Character too grosse, is writ on Iuliet

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