Ang. I am sorrie, that such sorrow I procure, And so deepe sticks it in my penitent heart, That I craue death more willingly then mercy, 'Tis my deseruing, and I doe entreat it.

Enter Barnardine and Prouost, Claudio, Iulietta.

Duke. Which is that Barnardine? Pro. This my Lord

Duke. There was a Friar told me of this man. Sirha, thou art said to haue a stubborne soule That apprehends no further then this world, And squar'st thy life according: Thou'rt condemn'd, But for those earthly faults, I quit them all, And pray thee take this mercie to prouide For better times to come: Frier aduise him, I leaue him to your hand. What muffeld fellow's that? Pro. This is another prisoner that I sau'd, Who should haue di'd when Claudio lost his head, As like almost to Claudio, as himselfe

Duke. If he be like your brother, for his sake Is he pardon'd, and for your louelie sake Giue me your hand, and say you will be mine, He is my brother too: But fitter time for that: By this Lord Angelo perceiues he's safe, Methinkes I see a quickning in his eye: Well Angelo, your euill quits you well. Looke that you loue your wife: her worth, worth yours I finde an apt remission in my selfe: And yet heere's one in place I cannot pardon, You sirha, that knew me for a foole, a Coward, One all of Luxurie, an asse, a mad man: Wherein haue I so deseru'd of you That you extoll me thus? Luc. 'Faith my Lord, I spoke it but according to the trick: if you will hang me for it you may: but I had rather it would please you, I might be whipt

Duke. Whipt first, sir, and hang'd after. Proclaime it Prouost round about the Citie, If any woman wrong'd by this lewd fellow (As I haue heard him sweare himselfe there's one whom he begot with childe) let her appeare, And he shall marry her: the nuptiall finish'd, Let him be whipt and hang'd

Luc. I beseech your Highnesse doe not marry me to a Whore: your Highnesse said euen now I made you a Duke, good my Lord do not recompence me, in making me a Cuckold

Duke. Vpon mine honor thou shalt marrie her. Thy slanders I forgiue, and therewithall Remit thy other forfeits: take him to prison, And see our pleasure herein executed

Luc. Marrying a punke my Lord, is pressing to death, Whipping and hanging

Duke. Slandering a Prince deserues it. She Claudio that you wrong'd, looke you restore. Ioy to you Mariana, loue her Angelo: I haue confes'd her, and I know her vertue. Thanks good friend, Escalus, for thy much goodnesse, There's more behinde that is more gratulate. Thanks Prouost for thy care, and secrecie, We shall imploy thee in a worthier place. Forgiue him Angelo, that brought you home The head of Ragozine for Claudio's, Th' offence pardons it selfe. Deere Isabell, I haue a motion much imports your good, Whereto if you'll a willing eare incline; What's mine is yours, and what is yours is mine. So bring vs to our Pallace, where wee'll show What's yet behinde, that meete you all should know.

The Scene Vienna.

The names of all the Actors.

Vincentio: the Duke. Angelo, the Deputie. Escalus, an ancient Lord. Claudio, a yong Gentleman. Lucio, a fantastique. 2. Other like Gentlemen. Prouost. Thomas. 2. Friers. Peter. Elbow, a simple Constable. Froth, a foolish Gentleman. Clowne. Abhorson, an Executioner. Barnardine, a dissolute prisoner. Isabella, sister to Claudio. Mariana, betrothed to Angelo. Iuliet, beloued of Claudio. Francisca, a Nun. Mistris Ouer-don, a Bawd.

William Shakespeare
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