The nobleman would have dealt with her like a nobleman, and she
sent him away as cold as a snowball; saying his prayers too.

Boult, take her away; use her at thy pleasure: crack the glass of
her virginity, and make the rest malleable.

An if she were a thornier piece of ground than she is, she shall
be ploughed.

Hark, hark, you gods!

She conjures: away with her! Would she had never come within my
doors! Marry, hang you! She's born to undo us. Will you not go
the way of women-kind? Marry, come up, my dish of chastity with
rosemary and bays!


Come, mistress; come your ways with me.

Whither wilt thou have me?

To take from you the jewel you hold so dear.

Prithee, tell me one thing first.

Come now, your one thing.

What canst thou wish thine enemy to be?

Why, I could wish him to he my master, or rather, my mistress.

Neither of these are so had as thou art,
Since they do better thee in their command.
Thou hold'st a place, for which the pained'st fiend
Of hell would not in reputation change:
Thou art the damned doorkeeper to every
Coistrel that comes inquiring for his Tib;
To the choleric fisting of every rogue
Thy ear is liable, thy food is such
As hath been belch'd on by infected lungs.

What would you have me do? go to the wars, would you? where a man
may serve seven years for the loss of a leg, and have not money
enough in the end to buy him a wooden one?

Do any thing but this thou doest. Empty
Old receptacles, or common shores, of filth;
Serve by indenture to the common hangman:
Any of these ways are yet better than this;
For what thou professest, a baboon, could he speak,
Would own a name too dear. O, that the gods
Would safely deliver me from this place!
Here, here's gold for thee.
If that thy master would gain by me,
Proclaim that I can sing, weave, sew, and dance,
With other virtues, which I'll keep from boast;
And I will undertake all these to teach.
I doubt not but this populous city will
Yield many scholars.

But can you teach all this you speak of?

Prove that I cannot, take me home again,
And prostitute me to the basest groom
That doth frequent your house.

Well, I will see what I can do for thee: if I can place thee, I

But amongst honest women.

'Faith, my acquaintance lies little amongst them. But since my
master and mistress have bought you, there's no going but by
their consent: therefore I will make them acquainted with your
purpose, and I doubt not but I shall find them tractable enough.
ome, I'll do for thee what I can; come your ways.


William Shakespeare
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