Glost. Stand back thou manifest Conspirator, Thou that contriued'st to murther our dead Lord, Thou that giu'st Whores Indulgences to sinne, Ile canuas thee in thy broad Cardinalls Hat, If thou proceed in this thy insolence

Winch. Nay, stand thou back, I will not budge a foot: This be Damascus, be thou cursed Cain, To slay thy Brother Abel, if thou wilt

Glost. I will not slay thee, but Ile driue thee back: Thy Scarlet Robes, as a Childs bearing Cloth, Ile vse, to carry thee out of this place

Winch. Doe what thou dar'st, I beard thee to thy face

Glost. What? am I dar'd, and bearded to my face? Draw men, for all this priuiledged place, Blew Coats to Tawny Coats. Priest, beware your Beard, I meane to tugge it, and to cuffe you soundly. Vnder my feet I stampe thy Cardinalls Hat: In spight of Pope, or dignities of Church, Here by the Cheekes Ile drag thee vp and downe

Winch. Gloster, thou wilt answere this before the Pope

Glost. Winchester Goose, I cry, a Rope, a Rope. Now beat them hence, why doe you let them stay? Thee Ile chase hence, thou Wolfe in Sheepes array. Out Tawney-Coates, out Scarlet Hypocrite.

Here Glosters men beat out the Cardinalls men, and enter in the hurly-burly the Maior of London, and his Officers.

Maior. Fye Lords, that you being supreme Magistrates, Thus contumeliously should breake the Peace

Glost. Peace Maior, thou know'st little of my wrongs: Here's Beauford, that regards nor God nor King, Hath here distrayn'd the Tower to his vse

Winch. Here's Gloster, a Foe to Citizens, One that still motions Warre, and neuer Peace, O're-charging your free Purses with large Fines; That seekes to ouerthrow Religion, Because he is Protector of the Realme; And would haue Armour here out of the Tower, To Crowne himselfe King, and suppresse the Prince

Glost. I will not answer thee with words, but blowes.

Here they skirmish againe.

Maior. Naught rests for me, in this tumultuous strife, But to make open Proclamation. Come Officer, as lowd as e're thou canst, cry: All manner of men, assembled here in Armes this day, against Gods Peace and the Kings, wee charge and command you, in his Highnesse Name, to repayre to your seuerall dwelling places, and not to weare, handle, or vse any Sword, Weapon, or Dagger hence-forward, vpon paine of death

Glost. Cardinall, Ile be no breaker of the Law: But we shall meet, and breake our minds at large

Winch. Gloster, wee'le meet to thy cost, be sure: Thy heart-blood I will haue for this dayes worke

Maior. Ile call for Clubs, if you will not away: This Cardinall's more haughtie then the Deuill

Glost. Maior farewell: thou doo'st but what thou may'st

Winch. Abhominable Gloster, guard thy Head, For I intend to haue it ere long.


Maior. See the Coast clear'd, and then we will depart. Good God, these Nobles should such stomacks beare, I my selfe fight not once in fortie yeere.


Enter the Master Gunner of Orleance, and his Boy.

M.Gunner. Sirrha, thou know'st how Orleance is besieg'd, And how the English haue the Suburbs wonne

Boy. Father I know, and oft haue shot at them, How e're vnfortunate, I miss'd my ayme

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