Actus Quintus.

Enter Suffolke in conference with the King, Glocester, and Exeter.

King. Your wondrous rare description (noble Earle) Of beauteous Margaret hath astonish'd me: Her vertues graced with externall gifts, Do breed Loues setled passions in my heart, And like as rigour of tempestuous gustes Prouokes the mightiest Hulke against the tide, So am I driuen by breath of her Renowne, Either to suffer Shipwracke, or arriue Where I may haue fruition of her Loue

Suf. Tush my good Lord, this superficiall tale, Is but a preface of her worthy praise: The cheefe perfections of that louely Dame, (Had I sufficient skill to vtter them) Would make a volume of inticing lines, Able to rauish any dull conceit. And which is more, she is not so Diuine, So full repleate with choice of all delights, But with as humble lowlinesse of minde, She is content to be at your command: Command I meane, of Vertuous chaste intents, To Loue, and Honor Henry as her Lord

King. And otherwise, will Henry ne're presume: Therefore my Lord Protector, giue consent, That Marg'ret may be Englands Royall Queene

Glo. So should I giue consent to flatter sinne, You know (my Lord) your Highnesse is betroath'd Vnto another Lady of esteeme, How shall we then dispense with that contract, And not deface your Honor with reproach? Suf. As doth a Ruler with vnlawfull Oathes, Or one that at a Triumph, hauing vow'd To try his strength, forsaketh yet the Listes By reason of his Aduersaries oddes. A poore Earles daughter is vnequall oddes, And therefore may be broke without offence

Gloucester. Why what (I pray) is Margaret more then that? Her Father is no better than an Earle, Although in glorious Titles he excell

Suf. Yes my Lord, her Father is a King, The King of Naples, and Ierusalem, And of such great Authoritie in France, As his alliance will confirme our peace, And keepe the Frenchmen in Allegeance

Glo. And so the Earle of Arminacke may doe, Because he is neere Kinsman vnto Charles

Exet. Beside, his wealth doth warrant a liberal dower, Where Reignier sooner will receyue, than giue

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