Aum. Some honest Christian trust me with a Gage, That Norfolke lyes: here doe I throw downe this, If he may be repeal'd, to trie his Honor

Bull. These differences shall all rest vnder Gage, Till Norfolke be repeal'd: repeal'd he shall be; And (though mine Enemie) restor'd againe To all his Lands and Seignories: when hee's return'd, Against Aumerle we will enforce his Tryall

Carl. That honorable day shall ne're be seene. Many a time hath banish'd Norfolke fought For Iesu Christ, in glorious Christian field Streaming the Ensigne of the Christian Crosse, Against black Pagans, Turkes, and Saracens: And toyl'd with workes of Warre, retyr'd himselfe To Italy, and there at Venice gaue His Body to that pleasant Countries Earth, And his pure Soule vnto his Captaine Christ, Vnder whose Colours he had fought so long

Bull. Why Bishop, is Norfolke dead? Carl. As sure as I liue, my Lord

Bull. Sweet peace conduct his sweet Soule To the Bosome of good old Abraham. Lords Appealants, your differe[n]ces shal all rest vnder gage, Till we assigne you to your dayes of Tryall. Enter Yorke.

Yorke. Great Duke of Lancaster, I come to thee From plume-pluckt Richard, who with willing Soule Adopts thee Heire, and his high Scepter yeelds To the possession of thy Royall Hand. Ascend his Throne, descending now from him, And long liue Henry, of that Name the Fourth

Bull. In Gods Name, Ile ascend the Regall Throne

Carl. Mary, Heauen forbid. Worst in this Royall Presence may I speake, Yet best beseeming me to speake the truth. Would God, that any in this Noble Presence Were enough Noble, to be vpright Iudge Of Noble Richard: then true Noblenesse would Learne him forbearance from so foule a Wrong. What Subiect can giue Sentence on his King? And who sits here, that is not Richards Subiect? Theeues are not iudg'd, but they are by to heare, Although apparant guilt be seene in them: And shall the figure of Gods Maiestie, His Captaine, Steward, Deputie elect, Anoynted, Crown'd, planted many yeeres, Be iudg'd by subiect, and inferior breathe, And he himselfe not present? Oh, forbid it, God, That in a Christian Climate, Soules refin'de Should shew so heynous, black, obscene a deed. I speake to Subiects, and a Subiect speakes, Stirr'd vp by Heauen, thus boldly for his King My Lord of Hereford here, whom you call King, Is a foule Traytor to prowd Herefords King. And if you Crowne him, let me prophecie, The blood of English shall manure the ground, And future Ages groane for his foule Act. Peace shall goe sleepe with Turkes and Infidels, And in this Seat of Peace, tumultuous Warres Shall Kinne with Kinne, and Kinde with Kinde confound. Disorder, Horror, Feare, and Mutinie Shall here inhabite, and this Land be call'd The field of Golgotha, and dead mens Sculls. Oh, if you reare this House, against this House It will the wofullest Diuision proue, That euer fell vpon this cursed Earth. Preuent it, resist it, and let it not be so, Least Child, Childs Children cry against you, Woe

North. Well haue you argu'd Sir: and for your paines, Of Capitall Treason we arrest you here. My Lord of Westminster, be it your charge, To keepe him safely, till his day of Tryall. May it please you, Lords, to grant the Commons Suit? Bull. Fetch hither Richard, that in common view He may surrender: so we shall proceede Without suspition

Yorke. I will be his Conduct. Enter.

Bull. Lords, you that here are vnder our Arrest, Procure your Sureties for your Dayes of Answer: Little are we beholding to your Loue, And little look'd for at your helping Hands. Enter Richard and Yorke.

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