SERVANT. And that the Lord Powesse do presently disperse and discharge his retinue, and depart the city in the King's peace, he and his followers, on pain of imprisonment.

DAVY. Haw? pud her Lord Pawesse in prison? A Pawes! A Pawesse! cossone live and tie with her Lord.

GOUGH. A Herbert! a Herbert!

[In this fight the Lord Herbert is wounded, and falls to the ground; the Mayor and his company go away, crying clubs; Powesse runs away; Gough and other of Herbert's faction busy themselves about Herbert; enter the two Judges in their robes, the Sheriff and his Bailiffs afore them, &c.]

FIRST JUDGE. Where's the Lord Herbert? is he hurt or slain?

SHERIFF. He's here, my Lord.

SECOND JUDGE. How fares his Lordship, friends?

GOUGH. Mortally wounded, speechless; he cannot live.

FIRST JUDGE. Convey him hence; let not his wounds take air, And get him dressed with expedition.

[Ex. Herbert & Gough.]

Master Mayor of Hereford, Master Shrieve o' the shire, Commit Lord Powesse to safe custody, To answer the disturbance of the peace, Lord Herbert's peril, and his high contempt Of us, and you the King's commissioners. See it be done with care and diligence.

SHERIFF. Please it your Lordship, my Lord Powesse is gone Past all recovery.

SECOND JUDGE. Yet let search be made, To apprehend his followers that are left.

SHERIFF. There are some of them. Sirs, lay hold of them.

OWEN. Of us? and why? what has her done, I pray you?

SHERIFF. Disarm them, Bailiffs.

MAYOR. Officers, assist.

DAVY. Hear you, Lor shudge, what resson is for this?

OWEN. Cosson pe puse for fighting for our Lord?

FIRST JUDGE. Away with them.

DAVY. Harg you, my Lord.

OWEN. Gough my Lord Herbert's man's a shitten kanave.

DAVY. Ise live and tie in good quarrel.

OWEN. Pray you do shustice; let all be preson.

DAVY. Prison! no. Lord shudge, I wool give you pale, good suerty.

SECOND JUDGE. What Bail? what sureties?

DAVY. Her coozin ap Ries, ap Evan, ap Morris, ap Morgan, ap Lluellyn, ap Madoc, ap Meredith, ap Griffen, ap Davy, ap Owen, ap Shinken Shones.

SECOND JUDGE. Two of the most sufficient are ynow.

SHERIFF. And 't please your Lordship, these are all but one.

FIRST JUDGE. To Jail with them, and the Lord Herbert's men; We'll talk with them, when the Assize is done.


Riotous, audacious, and unruly Grooms, Must we be forced to come from the Bench, To quiet brawls, which every Constable In other civil places can suppress?

SECOND JUDGE. What was the quarrel that caused all this stir?

SHERIFF. About religion, as I heard, my Lord. Lord Powesse detracted from the power of Rome, Affirming Wickliffe's doctrine to be true, And Rome's erroneous. Hot reply was made By the lord Herbert, they were traitors all That would maintain it: Powesse answered, They were as true, as noble, and as wise As he, that would defend it with their lives; He named for instance sir John Old-castle The Lord Cobham: Herbert replied again, "He, thou, and all are traitors that so hold." The lie was given, the several factions drawn, And so enraged, that we could not appease it.

FIRST JUDGE. This case concerns the King's prerogative, And's dangerous to the State and common wealth. Gentlemen, Justices, master Mayor, and master Shrieve, It doth behoove us all, and each of us In general and particular, to have care For suppressing of all mutinies, And all assemblies, except soldiers' musters For the King's preparation into France. We hear of secret conventicles made, And there is doubt of some conspiracies, Which may break out into rebellious arms When the King's gone, perchance before he go: Note as an instance, this one perilous fray; What factions might have grown on either part, To the destruction of the King and Realm. Yet, in my conscience, sir John Old-castle, Innocent of it, only his name was used. We, therefore, from his Highness give this charge: You, master Mayor, look to your citizens; You, master Sheriff, unto your shire; and you As Justices, in every one's precinct, There be no meetings.

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