Sol. Here comes another of the Tribe, a third cannot be matcht, vnlesse the diuell himselfe turne Iew.

Exeunt. Gentlemen

Shy. How now Tuball, what newes from Genowa? hast thou found my daughter? Tub. I often came where I did heare of her, but cannot finde her

Shy. Why there, there, there, there, a diamond gone cost me two thousand ducats in Franckford, the curse neuer fell vpon our Nation till now, I neuer felt it till now, two thousand ducats in that, and other precious, precious iewels: I would my daughter were dead at my foot, and the iewels in her eare: would she were hearst at my foote, and the duckets in her coffin: no newes of them, why so? and I know not how much is spent in the search: why thou losse vpon losse, the theefe gone with so much, and so much to finde the theefe, and no satisfaction, no reuenge, nor no ill luck stirring but what lights a my shoulders, no sighes but a my breathing, no teares but a my shedding

Tub. Yes, other men haue ill lucke too, Anthonio as I heard in Genowa? Shy. What, what, what, ill lucke, ill lucke

Tub. Hath an Argosie cast away comming from Tripolis

Shy. I thanke God, I thanke God, is it true, is it true? Tub. I spoke with some of the Saylers that escaped the wracke

Shy. I thanke thee good Tuball, good newes, good newes: ha, ha, here in Genowa

Tub. Your daughter spent in Genowa, as I heard, one night fourescore ducats

Shy. Thou stick'st a dagger in me, I shall neuer see my gold againe, fourescore ducats at a sitting, fourescore ducats

Tub. There came diuers of Anthonios creditors in my company to Venice, that sweare hee cannot choose but breake

Shy. I am very glad of it, ile plague him, ile torture him, I am glad of it, Tub. One of them shewed me a ring that hee had of your daughter for a Monkie

Shy. Out vpon her, thou torturest me Tuball, it was my Turkies, I had it of Leah when I was a Batcheler: I would not haue giuen it for a wildernesse of Monkies

Tub. But Anthonio is certainely vndone

Shy. Nay, that's true, that's very true, goe Tuball, see me an Officer, bespeake him a fortnight before, I will haue the heart of him if he forfeit, for were he out of Venice, I can make what merchandize I will: goe Tuball, and meete me at our Sinagogue, goe good Tuball, at our Sinagogue Tuball.


Enter Bassanio, Portia, Gratiano, and all their traine.

Por. I pray you tarrie, pause a day or two Before you hazard, for in choosing wrong I loose your companie; therefore forbeare a while, There's something tels me (but it is not loue) I would not loose you, and you know your selfe, Hate counsailes not in such a quallitie; But least you should not vnderstand me well, And yet a maiden hath no tongue, but thought, I would detaine you here some month or two Before you venture for me. I could teach you How to choose right, but then I am forsworne, So will I neuer be, so may you misse me, But if you doe, youle make me wish a sinne, That I had beene forsworne: Beshrow your eyes, They haue ore-lookt me and deuided me, One halfe of me is yours, the other halfe yours, Mine owne I would say: but of mine then yours, And so all yours; O these naughtie times Puts bars betweene the owners and their rights. And so though yours, not yours (proue it so) Let Fortune goe to hell for it, not I. I speake too long, but 'tis to peize the time, To ich it, and to draw it out in length, To stay you from election

William Shakespeare
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