Por. Art thou contented Iew? what dost thou say? Shy. I am content

Por. Clarke, draw a deed of gift

Shy. I pray you giue me leaue to goe from hence, I am not well, send the deed after me, And I will signe it

Duke. Get thee gone, but doe it

Gra. In christning thou shalt haue two godfathers, Had I been iudge, thou shouldst haue had ten more, To bring thee to the gallowes, not to the font. Enter.

Du. Sir I intreat you with me home to dinner

Por. I humbly doe desire your Grace of pardon, I must away this night toward Padua, And it is meete I presently set forth

Duk. I am sorry that your leysure serues you not: Anthonio, gratifie this gentleman, For in my minde you are much bound to him.

Exit Duke and his traine.

Bass. Most worthy gentleman, I and my friend Haue by your wisedome beene this day acquitted Of greeuous penalties, in lieu whereof, Three thousand Ducats due vnto the Iew We freely cope your curteous paines withall

An. And stand indebted ouer and aboue In loue and seruice to you euermore

Por. He is well paid that is well satisfied, And I deliuering you, am satisfied, And therein doe account my selfe well paid, My minde was neuer yet more mercinarie. I pray you know me when we meete againe, I wish you well, and so I take my leaue

Bass. Deare sir, of force I must attempt you further, Take some remembrance of vs as a tribute, Not as fee: grant me two things, I pray you Not to denie me, and to pardon me

Por. You presse mee farre, and therefore I will yeeld, Giue me your gloues, Ile weare them for your sake, And for your loue Ile take this ring from you, Doe not draw backe your hand, ile take no more, And you in loue shall not deny me this? Bass. This ring good sir, alas it is a trifle, I will not shame my selfe to giue you this

Por. I wil haue nothing else but onely this, And now methinkes I haue a minde to it

Bas. There's more depends on this then on the valew, The dearest ring in Venice will I giue you, And finde it out by proclamation, Onely for this I pray you pardon me

Por. I see sir you are liberall in offers, You taught me first to beg, and now me thinkes You teach me how a beggar should be answer'd

Bas. Good sir, this ring was giuen me by my wife, And when she put it on, she made me vow That I should neither sell, nor giue, nor lose it

Por. That scuse serues many men to saue their gifts, And if your wife be not a mad woman, And know how well I haue deseru'd this ring, Shee would not hold out enemy for euer For giuing it to me: well, peace be with you.


Ant. My L[ord]. Bassanio, let him haue the ring, Let his deseruings and my loue withall Be valued against your wiues commandement

Bass. Goe Gratiano, run and ouer-take him, Giue him the ring, and bring him if thou canst Vnto Anthonios house, away, make haste.

Exit Grati.

Come, you and I will thither presently, And in the morning early will we both Flie toward Belmont, come Anthonio.


Enter Portia and Nerrissa.

Por. Enquire the Iewes house out, giue him this deed, And let him signe it, wee'll away to night, And be a day before our husbands home: This deed will be well welcome to Lorenzo. Enter Gratiano.

Gra. Faire sir, you are well ore-tane: My L[ord]. Bassanio vpon more aduice, Hath sent you heere this ring, and doth intreat Your company at dinner

Por. That cannot be; His ring I doe accept most thankfully, And so I pray you tell him: furthermore, I pray you shew my youth old Shylockes house

Gra. That will I doe

Ner. Sir, I would speake with you: Ile see if I can get my husbands ring Which I did make him sweare to keepe for euer

Por. Thou maist I warrant, we shal haue old swearing That they did giue the rings away to men; But weele out-face them, and out-sweare them to: Away, make haste, thou know'st where I will tarry

Ner. Come good sir, will you shew me to this house.


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