First, my Feare: then, my Curtsie: last, my Speech. My Feare, is your Displeasure: My Curtsie, my Dutie: And my speech, to Begge your Pardons. If you looke for a good speech now, you vndoe me: For what I haue to say, is of mine owne making: and what (indeed) I should say, will (I doubt) prooue mine owne marring. But to the Purpose, and so to the Venture. Be it knowne to you (as it is very well) I was lately heere in the end of a displeasing Play, to pray your Patien for it, and to promise you a Better: I did meane (indeede) to pay you with thi which if (like an ill Venture) it come vnluckily home, I breake; and you, my Creditors lose. Heere I promist you I would be, and heere I commit my Bodie to your Mercies: Bate me some, and I will pay you some, and (as most Debtors d promise you infinitely. If my Tongue cannot entreate you to acquit me: will you command me to vse my Legges? And yet that were but light payment, to Dance out of your debt: But a good Conscience, will make any possible satisfaction, and so will I. All the heere haue forgiuen me, if the Gentlemen will not, then the Gentlemen do not agree with the Gentlewomen, which was neuer seene before, in such an As One word more, I beseech you: if you be not too much cloid with Fat Meate, our humble Author will continue the Story (with Sir Iohn in it) and make yo

merry, with faire Katherine of France: where (for any thing I know) Fals shall dye of a sweat, vnlesse already he be kill'd with your hard Opinions:

For Old-Castle dyed a Martyr, and this is not the man. My Tongue is wearie when my Legs are too, I will bid you good night; and so kneele downe before yo But (indeed) to pray for the Queene.


Rumour the Presentor. King Henry the Fourth. Prince Henry, afterwards Crowned King Henrie the Fift. Prince Iohn of Lancaster. Humphrey of Gloucester. Thomas of Clarence. Sonnes to Henry the Fourth, & brethren to Henry 5. Northumberland. The Arch Byshop of Yorke. Mowbray. Hastings. Lord Bardolfe. Trauers. Morton. Coleuile. Opposites against King Henrie the Fourth. Warwicke. Westmerland. Surrey. Gowre. Harecourt. Lord Chiefe Iustice. Of the Kings Partie. Shallow. Silence. Both Country Iustices. Dauie, Seruant to Shallow. Phang, and Snare, 2. Serieants Mouldie. Shadow. Wart. Feeble. Bullcalfe. Country Soldiers Pointz. Falstaffe. Bardolphe. Pistoll. Peto. Page. Irregular Humorists. Drawers Beadles. Groomes Northumberlands Wife. Percies Widdow. Hostesse Quickly. Doll Teare-sheete.

Epilogue. The Second Part of Henry the Fourth, Containing his Death: and the Coronation of King Henry the Fift.

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