Suff. Madame be patient: as I was cause Your Highnesse came to England, so will I In England worke your Graces full content

Queene. Beside the haughtie Protector, haue we Beauford The imperious Churchman; Somerset, Buckingham, And grumbling Yorke: and not the least of these, But can doe more in England then the King

Suff. And he of these, that can doe most of all, Cannot doe more in England then the Neuils: Salisbury and Warwick are no simple Peeres

Queene. Not all these Lords do vex me halfe so much, As that prowd Dame, the Lord Protectors Wife: She sweepes it through the Court with troups of Ladies, More like an Empresse, then Duke Humphreyes Wife: Strangers in Court, doe take her for the Queene: She beares a Dukes Reuenewes on her backe, And in her heart she scornes our Pouertie: Shall I not liue to be aueng'd on her? Contemptuous base-borne Callot as she is, She vaunted 'mongst her Minions t' other day, The very trayne of her worst wearing Gowne, Was better worth then all my Fathers Lands, Till Suffolke gaue two Dukedomes for his Daughter

Suff. Madame, my selfe haue lym'd a Bush for her, And plac't a Quier of such enticing Birds, That she will light to listen to the Layes, And neuer mount to trouble you againe. So let her rest: and Madame list to me, For I am bold to counsaile you in this; Although we fancie not the Cardinall, Yet must we ioyne with him and with the Lords, Till we haue brought Duke Humphrey in disgrace. As for the Duke of Yorke, this late Complaint Will make but little for his benefit: So one by one wee'le weed them all at last, And you your selfe shall steere the happy Helme. Enter.

Sound a Sennet.

Enter the King, Duke Humfrey, Cardinall, Buckingham, Yorke, Salisbury, Warwicke, and the Duchesse.

King. For my part, Noble Lords, I care not which, Or Somerset, or Yorke, all's one to me

Yorke. If Yorke haue ill demean'd himselfe in France, Then let him be denay'd the Regentship

Som. If Somerset be vnworthy of the Place, Let Yorke be Regent, I will yeeld to him

Warw. Whether your Grace be worthy, yea or no, Dispute not that, Yorke is the worthyer

Card. Ambitious Warwicke, let thy betters speake

Warw. The Cardinall's not my better in the field

Buck. All in this presence are thy betters, Warwicke

Warw. Warwicke may liue to be the best of all

Salisb. Peace Sonne, and shew some reason Buckingham Why Somerset should be preferr'd in this? Queene. Because the King forsooth will haue it so

Humf. Madame, the King is old enough himselfe To giue his Censure: These are no Womens matters

Queene. If he be old enough, what needs your Grace To be Protector of his Excellence? Humf. Madame, I am Protector of the Realme, And at his pleasure will resigne my Place

Suff. Resigne it then, and leaue thine insolence. Since thou wert King; as who is King, but thou? The Common-wealth hath dayly run to wrack, The Dolphin hath preuayl'd beyond the Seas, And all the Peeres and Nobles of the Realme Haue beene as Bond-men to thy Soueraigntie

Card. The Commons hast thou rackt, the Clergies Bags Are lanke and leane with thy Extortions

Som. Thy sumptuous Buildings, and thy Wiues Attyre Haue cost a masse of publique Treasurie

Buck. Thy Crueltie in execution Vpon Offendors, hath exceeded Law, And left thee to the mercy of the Law

Queene. Thy sale of Offices and Townes in France, If they were knowne, as the suspect is great, Would make thee quickly hop without thy Head.

Exit Humfrey.

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