All. God saue the King, God saue the King

Cade. What Buckingham and Clifford are ye so braue? And you base Pezants, do ye beleeue him, will you needs be hang'd with your Pardons about your neckes? Hath my sword therefore broke through London gates, that you should leaue me at the White-heart in Southwarke. I thought ye would neuer haue giuen out these Armes til you had recouered your ancient Freedome. But you are all Recreants and Dastards, and delight to liue in slauerie to the Nobility. Let them breake your backes with burthens, take your houses ouer your heads, rauish your Wiues and Daughters before your faces. For me, I will make shift for one, and so Gods Cursse light vppon you all

All. Wee'l follow Cade, Wee'l follow Cade

Clif. Is Cade the sonne of Henry the fift, That thus you do exclaime you'l go with him. Will he conduct you through the heart of France, And make the meanest of you Earles and Dukes? Alas, he hath no home, no place to flye too: Nor knowes he how to liue, but by the spoile, Vnlesse by robbing of your Friends, and vs. Wer't not a shame, that whilst you liue at iarre, The fearfull French, whom you late vanquished Should make a start ore-seas, and vanquish you? Me thinkes alreadie in this ciuill broyle, I see them Lording it in London streets, Crying Villiago vnto all they meete. Better ten thousand base-borne Cades miscarry, Then you should stoope vnto a Frenchmans mercy. To France, to France, and get what you haue lost: Spare England, for it is your Natiue Coast: Henry hath mony, you are strong and manly: God on our side, doubt not of Victorie

All. A Clifford, a Clifford, Wee'l follow the King, and Clifford

Cade. Was euer Feather so lightly blowne too & fro, as this multitude? The name of Henry the fift, hales them to an hundred mischiefes, and makes them leaue mee desolate. I see them lay their heades together to surprize me. My sword make way for me, for heere is no staying: in despight of the diuels and hell, haue through the verie middest of you, and heauens and honor be witnesse, that no want of resolution in mee, but onely my Followers base and ignominious treasons, makes me betake mee to my heeles.


Buck. What, is he fled? Go some and follow him, And he that brings his head vnto the King, Shall haue a thousand Crownes for his reward.

Exeunt. some of them.

Follow me souldiers, wee'l deuise a meane, To reconcile you all vnto the King.

Exeunt. omnes.

Sound Trumpets. Enter King, Queene, and Somerset on the Tarras.

King. Was euer King that ioy'd an earthly Throne, And could command no more content then I? No sooner was I crept out of my Cradle, But I was made a King, at nine months olde. Was neuer Subiect long'd to be a King, As I do long and wish to be a Subiect. Enter Buckingham and Clifford.

Buc. Health and glad tydings to your Maiesty

Kin. Why Buckingham, is the Traitor Cade surpris'd? Or is he but retir'd to make him strong? Enter Multitudes with Halters about their Neckes

Clif. He is fled my Lord, and all his powers do yeeld, And humbly thus with halters on their neckes, Expect your Highnesse doome of life, or death

King. Then heauen set ope thy euerlasting gates, To entertaine my vowes of thankes and praise. Souldiers, this day haue you redeem'd your liues, And shew'd how well you loue your Prince & Countrey: Continue still in this so good a minde, And Henry though he be infortunate, Assure your selues will neuer be vnkinde: And so with thankes, and pardon to you all, I do dismisse you to your seuerall Countries

William Shakespeare
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