Gru. Nay looke you sir, hee tels you flatly what his minde is: why giue him Gold enough, and marrie him to a Puppet or an Aglet babie, or an old trot with ne're a tooth in her head, though she haue as manie diseases as two and fiftie horses. Why nothing comes amisse, so monie comes withall

Hor. Petruchio, since we are stept thus farre in, I will continue that I broach'd in iest, I can Petruchio helpe thee to a wife With wealth enough, and yong and beautious, Brought vp as best becomes a Gentlewoman. Her onely fault, and that is faults enough, Is, that she is intollerable curst, And shrow'd, and froward, so beyond all measure, That were my state farre worser then it is, I would not wed her for a mine of Gold

Petr. Hortensio peace: thou knowst not golds effect, Tell me her fathers name, and 'tis enough: For I will boord her, though she chide as loud As thunder, when the clouds in Autumne cracke

Hor. Her father is Baptista Minola, An affable and courteous Gentleman, Her name is Katherina Minola, Renown'd in Padua for her scolding tongue

Petr. I know her father, though I know not her, And he knew my deceased father well: I wil not sleepe Hortensio til I see her, And therefore let me be thus bold with you, To giue you ouer at this first encounter, Vnlesse you wil accompanie me thither

Gru . I pray you Sir let him go while the humor lasts. A my word, and she knew him as wel as I do, she would thinke scolding would doe little good vpon him. Shee may perhaps call him halfe a score Knaues, or so: Why that's nothing; and he begin once, hee'l raile in his rope trickes. Ile tell you what sir, and she stand him but a litle, he wil throw a figure in her face, and so disfigure hir with it, that shee shal haue no more eies to see withall then a Cat: you know him not sir

Hor. Tarrie Petruchio, I must go with thee, For in Baptistas keepe my treasure is: He hath the Iewel of my life in hold, His yongest daughter, beautiful Bianca, And her with-holds from me. Other more Suters to her, and riuals in my Loue: Supposing it a thing impossible, For those defects I haue before rehearst, That euer Katherina wil be woo'd: Therefore this order hath Baptista tane, That none shal haue accesse vnto Bianca, Til Katherine the Curst, haue got a husband

Gru. Katherine the curst, A title for a maide, of all titles the worst

Hor. Now shal my friend Petruchio do me grace, And offer me disguis'd in sober robes, To old Baptista as a schoole-master Well seene in Musicke, to instruct Bianca, That so I may by this deuice at least Haue leaue and leisure to make loue to her, And vnsuspected court her by her selfe. Enter Gremio and Lucentio disguised.

Gru. Heere's no knauerie. See, to beguile the olde-folkes, how the young folkes lay their heads together. Master, master, looke about you: Who goes there? ha

Hor. Peace Grumio, it is the riuall of my Loue. Petruchio stand by a while

Grumio. A proper stripling, and an amorous

Gremio. O very well, I haue perus'd the note: Hearke you sir, Ile haue them verie fairely bound, All bookes of Loue, see that at any hand, And see you reade no other Lectures to her: You vnderstand me. Ouer and beside Signior Baptistas liberalitie, Ile mend it with a Largesse. Take your paper too, And let me haue them verie wel perfum'd; For she is sweeter then perfume it selfe To whom they go to: what wil you reade to her

Luc. What ere I reade to her, Ile pleade for you, As for my patron, stand you so assur'd, As firmely as your selfe were still in place, Yea and perhaps with more successefull words Then you; vnlesse you were a scholler sir

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