Pet. You pezant, swain, you horson malt-horse drudg Did I not bid thee meete me in the Parke, And bring along these rascal knaues with thee? Grumio. Nathaniels coate sir was not fully made, And Gabrels pumpes were all vnpinkt i'th heele: There was no Linke to colour Peters hat, And Walters dagger was not come from sheathing: There were none fine, but Adam, Rafe, and Gregory, The rest were ragged, old, and beggerly, Yet as they are, heere are they come to meete you

Pet. Go rascals, go, and fetch my supper in.

Ex. Ser.

Where is the life that late I led? Where are those? Sit downe Kate, And welcome. Soud, soud, soud, soud. Enter seruants with supper.

Why when I say? Nay good sweete Kate be merrie. Off with my boots, you rogues: you villaines, when? It was the Friar of Orders gray, As he forth walked on his way. Out you rogue, you plucke my foote awrie, Take that, and mend the plucking of the other. Be merrie Kate: Some water heere: what hoa. Enter one with water.

Where's my Spaniel Troilus? Sirra, get you hence, And bid my cozen Ferdinand come hither: One Kate that you must kisse, and be acquainted with. Where are my Slippers? Shall I haue some water? Come Kate and wash, & welcome heartily: You horson villaine, will you let it fall? Kate. Patience I pray you, 'twas a fault vnwilling

Pet. A horson beetle-headed flap-ear'd knaue: Come Kate sit downe, I know you haue a stomacke, Will you giue thankes, sweete Kate, or else shall I? What's this, Mutton? 1.Ser. I

Pet. Who brought it? Peter. I

Pet. 'Tis burnt, and so is all the meate: What dogges are these? Where is the rascall Cooke? How durst you villaines bring it from the dresser And serue it thus to me that loue it not? There, take it to you, trenchers, cups, and all: You heedlesse iolt-heads, and vnmanner'd slaues. What, do you grumble? Ile be with you straight

Kate. I pray you husband be not so disquiet, The meate was well, if you were so contented

Pet. I tell thee Kate, 'twas burnt and dried away, And I expressely am forbid to touch it: For it engenders choller, planteth anger, And better 'twere that both of vs did fast, Since of our selues, our selues are chollericke, Then feede it with such ouer-rosted flesh: Be patient, to morrow't shalbe mended, And for this night we'l fast for companie. Come I wil bring thee to thy Bridall chamber.


Enter Seruants seuerally.

Nath. Peter didst euer see the like

Peter. He kils her in her owne humor

Grumio. Where is he? Enter Curtis a Seruant.

Cur. In her chamber, making a sermon of continencie to her, and railes, and sweares, and rates, that shee (poore soule) knowes not which way to stand, to looke, to speake, and sits as one new risen from a dreame. Away, away, for he is comming hither. Enter Petruchio.

Pet. Thus haue I politickely begun my reigne, And 'tis my hope to end successefully: My Faulcon now is sharpe, and passing emptie, And til she stoope, she must not be full gorg'd, For then she neuer lookes vpon her lure. Another way I haue to man my Haggard, To make her come, and know her Keepers call: That is, to watch her, as we watch these Kites, That baite, and beate, and will not be obedient: She eate no meate to day, nor none shall eate. Last night she slept not, nor to night she shall not: As with the meate, some vndeserued fault Ile finde about the making of the bed, And heere Ile fling the pillow, there the boulster, This way the Couerlet, another way the sheets: I, and amid this hurlie I intend, That all is done in reuerend care of her, And in conclusion, she shal watch all night, And if she chance to nod, Ile raile and brawle, And with the clamor keepe her stil awake: This is a way to kil a Wife with kindnesse, And thus Ile curbe her mad and headstrong humor: He that knowes better how to tame a shrew, Now let him speake, 'tis charity to shew.


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