Bap. Sir, pardon me in what I haue to say, Your plainnesse and your shortnesse please me well: Right true it is your sonne Lucentio here Doth loue my daughter, and she loueth him, Or both dissemble deepely their affections: And therefore if you say no more then this, That like a Father you will deale with him, And passe my daughter a sufficient dower, The match is made, and all is done, Your sonne shall haue my daughter with consent

Tra. I thanke you sir, where then doe you know best We be affied and such assurance tane, As shall with either parts agreement stand

Bap. Not in my house Lucentio, for you know Pitchers haue eares, and I haue manie seruants, Besides old Gremio is harkning still, And happilie we might be interrupted

Tra. Then at my lodging, and it like you, There doth my father lie: and there this night Weele passe the businesse priuately and well: Send for your daughter by your seruant here, My Boy shall fetch the Scriuener presentlie, The worst is this that at so slender warning, You are like to haue a thin and slender pittance

Bap. It likes me well: Cambio hie you home, and bid Bianca make her readie straight: And if you will tell what hath hapned, Lucentios Father is arriued in Padua, And how she's like to be Lucentios wife

Biond. I praie the gods she may withall my heart. Enter.

Tran. Dallie not with the gods, but get thee gone. Enter Peter.

Signior Baptista, shall I leade the way, Welcome, one messe is like to be your cheere, Come sir, we will better it in Pisa

Bap. I follow you.


Enter Lucentio and Biondello.

Bion. Cambio

Luc. What saist thou Biondello

Biond. You saw my Master winke and laugh vpon you? Luc. Biondello, what of that? Biond. Faith nothing: but has left mee here behinde to expound the meaning or morrall of his signes and tokens

Luc. I pray thee moralize them

Biond. Then thus: Baptista is safe talking with the deceiuing Father of a deceitfull sonne

Luc. And what of him? Biond. His daughter is to be brought by you to the supper

Luc. And then

Bio. The old Priest at Saint Lukes Church is at your command at all houres

Luc. And what of all this

Bion. I cannot tell, expect they are busied about a counterfeit assurance: take you assurance of her, Cum preuilegio ad Impremendum solem, to th' Church take the Priest, Clarke, and some sufficient honest witnesses: If this be not that you looke for, I haue no more to say, But bid Bianca farewell for euer and a day

Luc. Hear'st thou Biondello

Biond. I cannot tarry: I knew a wench maried in an afternoone as shee went to the Garden for Parseley to stuffe a Rabit, and so may you sir: and so adew sir, my Master hath appointed me to goe to Saint Lukes to bid the Priest be readie to come against you come with your appendix. Enter.

Luc. I may and will, if she be so contented: She will be pleas'd, then wherefore should I doubt: Hap what hap may, Ile roundly goe about her: It shall goe hard if Cambio goe without her. Enter.

Enter Petruchio, Kate, Hortentio

Petr. Come on a Gods name, once more toward our fathers: Good Lord how bright and goodly shines the Moone

Kate. The Moone, the Sunne: it is not Moonelight now

Pet. I say it is the Moone that shines so bright

Kate. I know it is the Sunne that shines so bright

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