Luc. I flie Biondello; but they may chance to neede thee at home, therefore leaue vs. Enter.

Biond. Nay faith, Ile see the Church a your backe, and then come backe to my mistris as soone as I can

Gre. I maruaile Cambio comes not all this while. Enter Petruchio, Kate, Vincentio, Grumio with Attendants.

Petr. Sir heres the doore, this is Lucentios house, My Fathers beares more toward the Market-place, Thither must I, and here I leaue you sir

Vin. You shall not choose but drinke before you go, I thinke I shall command your welcome here; And by all likelihood some cheere is toward.


Grem. They're busie within, you were best knocke lowder.

Pedant lookes out of the window.

Ped. What's he that knockes as he would beat downe the gate? Vin. Is Signior Lucentio within sir? Ped. He's within sir, but not to be spoken withall

Vinc. What if a man bring him a hundred pound or two to make merrie withall

Ped. Keepe your hundred pounds to your selfe, hee shall neede none so long as I liue

Petr. Nay, I told you your sonne was well beloued in Padua: doe you heare sir, to leaue friuolous circumstances, I pray you tell signior Lucentio that his Father is come from Pisa, and is here at the doore to speake with him

Ped. Thou liest his Father is come from Padua, and here looking out at the window

Vin. Art thou his father? Ped. I sir, so his mother saies, if I may beleeue her

Petr. Why how now gentleman: why this is flat knauerie to take vpon you another mans name

Peda. Lay hands on the villaine, I beleeue a meanes to cosen some bodie in this Citie vnder my countenance. Enter Biondello.

Bio. I haue seene them in the Church together, God send 'em good shipping: but who is here? mine old Master Vincentio: now wee are vndone and brought to nothing

Vin. Come hither crackhempe

Bion. I hope I may choose Sir

Vin. Come hither you rogue, what haue you forgot mee? Biond. Forgot you, no sir: I could not forget you, for I neuer saw you before in all my life

Vinc. What, you notorious villaine, didst thou neuer see thy Mistris father, Vincentio? Bion. What my old worshipfull old master? yes marie sir see where he lookes out of the window

Vin. Ist so indeede.

He beates Biondello.

Bion. Helpe, helpe, helpe, here's a mad man will murder me

Pedan. Helpe, sonne, helpe signior Baptista

Petr. Preethe Kate let's stand aside and see the end of this controuersie. Enter Pedant with seruants, Baptista, Tranio.

Tra. Sir, what are you that offer to beate my seruant? Vinc. What am I sir: nay what are you sir: oh immortall Goddes: oh fine villaine, a silken doublet, a veluet hose, a scarlet cloake, and a copataine hat: oh I am vndone, I am vndone: while I plaie the good husband at home, my sonne and my seruant spend all at the vniuersitie

Tra. How now, what's the matter? Bapt. What is the man lunaticke? Tra. Sir, you seeme a sober ancient Gentleman by your habit: but your words shew you a mad man: why sir, what cernes it you, if I weare Pearle and gold: I thank my good Father, I am able to maintaine it

Vin. Thy father: oh villaine, he is a Saile-maker in Bergamo

Bap. You mistake sir, you mistake sir, praie what do you thinke is his name? Vin. His name, as if I knew not his name: I haue brought him vp euer since he was three yeeres old, and his name is Tronio

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