Petr. Well, I say no: and therefore sir assurance, Let's each one send vnto his wife, And he whose wife is most obedient, To come at first when he doth send for her, Shall win the wager which we will propose

Hort. Content, what's the wager? Luc. Twentie crownes

Petr. Twentie crownes, Ile venture so much of my Hawke or Hound, But twentie times so much vpon my Wife

Luc. A hundred then

Hor. Content

Petr. A match, 'tis done

Hor. Who shall begin? Luc. That will I. Goe Biondello, bid your Mistris come to me

Bio. I goe. Enter.

Bap. Sonne, Ile be your halfe, Bianca comes

Luc. Ile haue no halues: Ile beare it all my selfe. Enter Biondello.

How now, what newes? Bio. Sir, my Mistris sends you word That she is busie, and she cannot come

Petr. How? she's busie, and she cannot come: is that an answere? Gre. I, and a kinde one too: Praie God sir your wife send you not a worse

Petr. I hope better

Hor. Sirra Biondello, goe and intreate my wife to come to me forthwith.

Exit. Bion.

Pet. Oh ho, intreate her, nay then shee must needes come

Hor. I am affraid sir, doe what you can Enter Biondello.

Yours will not be entreated: Now, where's my wife? Bion. She saies you haue some goodly Iest in hand, She will not come: she bids you come to her

Petr. Worse and worse, she will not come: Oh vilde, intollerable, not to be indur'd: Sirra Grumio, goe to your Mistris, Say I command her come to me. Enter.

Hor. I know her answere

Pet. What? Hor. She will not

Petr. The fouler fortune mine, and there an end. Enter Katerina.

Bap. Now by my hollidam here comes Katerina

Kat. What is your will sir, that you send for me? Petr. Where is your sister, and Hortensios wife? Kate. They sit conferring by the Parler fire

Petr. Goe fetch them hither, if they denie to come, Swinge me them soundly forth vnto their husbands: Away I say, and bring them hither straight

Luc. Here is a wonder, if you talke of a wonder

Hor. And so it is: I wonder what it boads

Petr. Marrie peace it boads, and loue, and quiet life, An awfull rule, and right supremicie: And to be short, what not, that's sweete and happie

Bap. Now faire befall thee good Petruchio; The wager thou hast won, and I will adde Vnto their losses twentie thousand crownes, Another dowrie to another daughter, For she is chang'd as she had neuer bin

Petr. Nay, I will win my wager better yet, And show more signe of her obedience, Her new built vertue and obedience. Enter Kate, Bianca, and Widdow.

See where she comes, and brings your froward Wiues As prisoners to her womanlie perswasion: Katerine, that Cap of yours becomes you not, Off with that bable, throw it vnderfoote

Wid. Lord let me neuer haue a cause to sigh, Till I be brought to such a sillie passe

Bian. Fie what a foolish dutie call you this? Luc. I would your dutie were as foolish too: The wisdome of your dutie faire Bianca, Hath cost me fiue hundred crownes since supper time

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