The Tempest

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Actus Quartus. Scena Prima.

Enter Prospero, Ferdinand, and Miranda.

Pro. If I haue too austerely punish'd you, Your compensation makes amends, for I Haue giuen you here, a third of mine owne life, Or that for which I liue: who, once againe I tender to thy hand: All thy vexations Were but my trials of thy loue, and thou Hast strangely stood the test: here, afore heauen I ratifie this my rich guift: O Ferdinand, Doe not smile at me, that I boast her of, For thou shalt finde she will out-strip all praise And make it halt, behinde her

Fer. I doe beleeue it Against an Oracle

Pro. Then, as my guest, and thine owne acquisition Worthily purchas'd, take my daughter: But If thou do'st breake her Virgin-knot, before All sanctimonious ceremonies may With full and holy right, be ministred, No sweet aspersion shall the heauens let fall To make this contract grow; but barraine hate, Sower-ey'd disdaine, and discord shall bestrew The vnion of your bed, with weedes so loathly That you shall hate it both: Therefore take heede, As Hymens Lamps shall light you

Fer. As I hope For quiet dayes, faire Issue, and long life, With such loue, as 'tis now the murkiest den, The most opportune place, the strongst suggestion, Our worser Genius can, shall neuer melt Mine honor into lust, to take away The edge of that dayes celebration, When I shall thinke, or Phoebus Steeds are founderd, Or Night kept chain'd below

Pro. Fairely spoke; Sit then, and talke with her, she is thine owne; What Ariell; my industrious serua[n]t Ariell.

Enter Ariell.

Ar. What would my potent master? here I am

Pro. Thou, and thy meaner fellowes, your last seruice Did worthily performe: and I must vse you In such another tricke: goe bring the rabble (Ore whom I giue thee powre) here, to this place: Incite them to quicke motion, for I must Bestow vpon the eyes of this yong couple Some vanity of mine Art: it is my promise, And they expect it from me

Ar. Presently?

Pro. I: with a twincke

Ar. Before you can say come, and goe, And breathe twice; and cry, so, so: Each one tripping on his Toe, Will be here with mop, and mowe. Doe you loue me Master? no?

Pro. Dearely, my delicate Ariell: doe not approach Till thou do'st heare me call

Ar. Well: I conceiue.


Pro. Looke thou be true: doe not giue dalliance Too much the raigne: the strongest oathes, are straw To th' fire ith' blood: be more abstenious, Or else good night your vow

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