The Tempest

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Solemne musicke.

Heere enters Ariel before: Then Alonso with a franticke gesture, attended by Gonzalo. Sebastian and Anthonio in like manner attended by Adrian and Francisco: They all enter the circle which Prospero had made, and there stand charm'd: which Prospero obseruing, speakes.

A solemne Ayre, and the best comforter, To an vnsetled fancie, Cure thy braines (Now vselesse) boile within thy skull: there stand For you are Spell-stopt. Holy Gonzallo, Honourable man, Mine eyes ev'n sociable to the shew of thine Fall fellowly drops: The charme dissolues apace, And as the morning steales vpon the night (Melting the darkenesse) so their rising sences Begin to chace the ignorant fumes that mantle Their cleerer reason. O good Gonzallo My true preseruer, and a loyall Sir, To him thou follow'st; I will pay thy graces Home both in word, and deede: Most cruelly Did thou Alonso, vse me, and my daughter: Thy brother was a furtherer in the Act, Thou art pinch'd for't now Sebastian. Flesh, and bloud, You, brother mine, that entertaine ambition, Expelld remorse, and nature, whom, with Sebastian (Whose inward pinches therefore are most strong) Would heere haue kill'd your King: I do forgiue thee, Vnnaturall though thou art: Their vnderstanding Begins to swell, and the approching tide Will shortly fill the reasonable shore That now ly foule, and muddy: not one of them That yet lookes on me, or would know me: Ariell, Fetch me the Hat, and Rapier in my Cell, I will discase me, and my selfe present As I was sometime Millaine: quickly Spirit, Thou shalt ere long be free.

Ariell sings, and helps to attire him.

Where the Bee sucks, there suck I, In a Cowslips bell, I lie, There I cowch when Owles doe crie, On the Batts backe I doe flie after Sommer merrily. Merrily, merrily, shall I liue now, Vnder the blossom that hangs on the Bow

Pro. Why that's my dainty Ariell: I shall misse Thee, but yet thou shalt haue freedome: so, so, so, To the Kings ship, inuisible as thou art, There shalt thou finde the Marriners asleepe Vnder the Hatches: the Master and the Boat-swaine Being awake, enforce them to this place; And presently, I pre'thee

Ar. I drinke the aire before me, and returne Or ere your pulse twice beate.


Gon. All torment, trouble, wonder, and amazement Inhabits heere: some heauenly power guide vs Out of this fearefull Country

Pro. Behold Sir King The wronged Duke of Millaine, Prospero: For more assurance that a liuing Prince Do's now speake to thee, I embrace thy body, And to thee, and thy Company, I bid A hearty welcome

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