The Tempest

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Bot. The best newes is, that we haue safely found Our King, and company: The next: our Ship, Which but three glasses since, we gaue out split, Is tyte, and yare, and brauely rig'd, as when We first put out to Sea

Ar. Sir, all this seruice Haue I done since I went

Pro. My tricksey Spirit

Alo. These are not naturall euents, they strengthen From strange, to stranger: say, how came you hither?

Bot. If I did thinke, Sir, I were well awake, I'ld striue to tell you: we were dead of sleepe, And (how we know not) all clapt vnder hatches, Where, but euen now, with strange, and seuerall noyses Of roring, shreeking, howling, gingling chaines, And mo diuersitie of sounds, all horrible. We were awak'd: straight way, at liberty; Where we, in all our trim, freshly beheld Our royall, good, and gallant Ship: our Master Capring to eye her: on a trice, so please you, Euen in a dreame, were we diuided from them, And were brought moaping hither

Ar. Was't well done?

Pro. Brauely (my diligence) thou shalt be free

Alo. This is as strange a Maze, as ere men trod, And there is in this businesse, more then nature Was euer conduct of: some Oracle Must rectifie our knowledge

Pro. Sir, my Leige, Doe not infest your minde, with beating on The strangenesse of this businesse, at pickt leisure (Which shall be shortly single) I'le resolue you, (Which to you shall seeme probable) of euery These happend accidents: till when, be cheerefull And thinke of each thing well: Come hither Spirit, Set Caliban, and his companions free: Vntye the Spell: How fares my gracious Sir? There are yet missing of your Companie Some few odde Lads, that you remember not.

Enter Ariell, driuing in Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo in their stolne Apparell.

Ste. Euery man shift for all the rest, and let No man take care for himselfe; for all is But fortune: Coragio Bully-Monster Coragio

Tri. If these be true spies which I weare in my head, here's a goodly sight

Cal. O Setebos, these be braue Spirits indeede: How fine my Master is? I am afraid He will chastise me

Seb. Ha, ha: What things are these, my Lord Anthonio? Will money buy em?

Ant. Very like: one of them Is a plaine Fish, and no doubt marketable

Pro. Marke but the badges of these men, my Lords, Then say if they be true: This mishapen knaue; His Mother was a Witch, and one so strong That could controle the Moone; make flowes, and ebs, And deale in her command, without her power: These three haue robd me, and this demy-diuell; (For he's a bastard one) had plotted with them To take my life: two of these Fellowes, you Must know, and owne, this Thing of darkenesse, I Acknowledge mine

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