Prince. Me thinkes a Woman of this valiant Spirit, Should, if a Coward heard her speake these words, Infuse his Breast with Magnanimitie, And make him, naked, foyle a man at Armes. I speake not this, as doubting any here: For did I but suspect a fearefull man, He should haue leaue to goe away betimes, Least in our need he might infect another, And make him of like spirit to himselfe. If any such be here, as God forbid, Let him depart, before we neede his helpe

Oxf. Women and Children of so high a courage, And Warriors faint, why 'twere perpetuall shame. Oh braue young Prince: thy famous Grandfather Doth liue againe in thee; long may'st thou liue, To beare his Image, and renew his Glories

Som. And he that will not fight for such a hope, Goe home to Bed, and like the Owle by day, If he arise, be mock'd and wondred at

Qu. Thankes gentle Somerset, sweet Oxford thankes

Prince. And take his thankes, that yet hath nothing else. Enter a Messenger.

Mess. Prepare you Lords, for Edward is at hand, Readie to fight: therefore be resolute

Oxf. I thought no lesse: it is his Policie, To haste thus fast, to finde vs vnprouided

Som. But hee's deceiu'd, we are in readinesse

Qu. This cheares my heart, to see your forwardnesse

Oxf. Here pitch our Battaile, hence we will not budge.

Flourish, and march. Enter Edward, Richard, Clarence, and Souldiers.

Edw. Braue followers, yonder stands the thornie Wood, Which by the Heauens assistance, and your strength, Must by the Roots be hew'ne vp yet ere Night. I need not adde more fuell to your fire, For well I wot, ye blaze, to burne them out: Giue signall to the fight, and to it Lords

Qu. Lords, Knights, and Gentlemen, what I should say, My teares gaine-say: for euery word I speake, Ye see I drinke the water of my eye. Therefore no more but this: Henry your Soueraigne Is Prisoner to the Foe, his State vsurp'd, His Realme a slaughter-house, his Subiects slaine, His Statutes cancell'd, and his Treasure spent: And yonder is the Wolfe, that makes this spoyle. You fight in Iustice: then in Gods Name, Lords, Be valiant, and giue signall to the fight.

Alarum, Retreat, Excursions. Exeunt.

Flourish. Enter Edward, Richard, Queene, Clarence, Oxford, Somerset.

Edw. Now here a period of tumultuous Broyles. Away with Oxford, to Hames Castle straight: For Somerset, off with his guiltie Head. Goe beare them hence, I will not heare them speake

Oxf. For my part, Ile not trouble thee with words

Som. Nor I, but stoupe with patience to my fortune.


Qu. So part we sadly in this troublous World, To meet with Ioy in sweet Ierusalem

Edw. Is Proclamation made, That who finds Edward, Shall haue a high Reward, and he his Life? Rich. It is, and loe where youthfull Edward comes. Enter the Prince.

Edw. Bring forth the Gallant, let vs heare him speake. What? can so young a Thorne begin to prick? Edward, what satisfaction canst thou make, For bearing Armes, for stirring vp my Subiects, And all the trouble thou hast turn'd me to? Prince. Speake like a Subiect, prowd ambitious Yorke. Suppose that I am now my Fathers Mouth, Resigne thy Chayre, and where I stand, kneele thou, Whil'st I propose the selfe-same words to thee, Which (Traytor) thou would'st haue me answer to

Qu. Ah, that thy Father had beene so resolu'd

Rich. That you might still haue worne the Petticoat, And ne're haue stolne the Breech from Lancaster

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