1.Sen. Then worthy Martius, Attend vpon Cominius to these Warres

Com. It is your former promise

Mar. Sir it is, And I am constant: Titus Lucius, thou Shalt see me once more strike at Tullus face. What art thou stiffe? Stand'st out? Tit. No Caius Martius, Ile leane vpon one Crutch, and fight with tother, Ere stay behinde this Businesse

Men. Oh true-bred

Sen. Your Company to'th' Capitoll, where I know Our greatest Friends attend vs

Tit. Lead you on: Follow Cominius, we must followe you, right worthy your Priority

Com. Noble Martius

Sen. Hence to your homes, be gone

Mar. Nay let them follow, The Volces haue much Corne: take these Rats thither, To gnaw their Garners. Worshipfull Mutiners, Your valour puts well forth: Pray follow.


Citizens steale away. Manet Sicin. & Brutus.

Sicin. Was euer man so proud as is this Martius? Bru. He has no equall

Sicin. When we were chosen Tribunes for the people

Bru. Mark'd you his lip and eyes

Sicin. Nay, but his taunts

Bru. Being mou'd, he will not spare to gird the Gods

Sicin. Bemocke the modest Moone

Bru. The present Warres deuoure him, he is growne Too proud to be so valiant

Sicin. Such a Nature, tickled with good successe, disdaines the shadow which he treads on at noone, but I do wonder, his insolence can brooke to be commanded vnder Cominius? Bru. Fame, at the which he aymes, In whom already he's well grac'd, cannot Better be held, nor more attain'd then by A place below the first: for what miscarries Shall be the Generals fault, though he performe To th' vtmost of a man, and giddy censure Will then cry out of Martius: Oh, if he Had borne the businesse

Sicin. Besides, if things go well, Opinion that so stickes on Martius, shall Of his demerits rob Cominius

Bru. Come: halfe all Cominius Honors are to Martius Though Martius earn'd them not: and all his faults To Martius shall be Honors, though indeed In ought he merit not

Sicin. Let's hence, and heare How the dispatch is made, and in what fashion More then his singularity, he goes Vpon this present Action

Bru. Let's along.


Enter Tullus Auffidius with Senators of Coriolus.

1.Sen. So, your opinion is Auffidius, That they of Rome are entred in our Counsailes, And know how we proceede, Auf. Is it not yours? What euer haue bin thought one in this State That could be brought to bodily act, ere Rome Had circumuention: 'tis not foure dayes gone Since I heard thence, these are the words, I thinke I haue the Letter heere: yes, heere it is; They haue prest a Power, but it is not knowne Whether for East or West: the Dearth is great, The people Mutinous: And it is rumour'd, Cominius, Martius your old Enemy (Who is of Rome worse hated then of you) And Titus Lartius, a most valiant Roman, These three leade on this Preparation Whether 'tis bent: most likely, 'tis for you: Consider of it

1.Sen. Our Armie's in the Field: We neuer yet made doubt but Rome was ready To answer vs

Auf. Nor did you thinke it folly, To keepe your great pretences vayl'd, till when They needs must shew themselues, which in the hatching It seem'd appear'd to Rome. By the discouery, We shalbe shortned in our ayme, which was To take in many Townes, ere (almost) Rome Should know we were a-foot

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