Mene. Come enough

Bru. Enough, with ouer measure

Corio. No, take more. What may be sworne by, both Diuine and Humane, Seale what I end withall. This double worship, Whereon part do's disdaine with cause, the other Insult without all reason: where Gentry, Title, wisedom Cannot conclude, but by the yea and no Of generall Ignorance, it must omit Reall Necessities, and giue way the while To vnstable Slightnesse. Purpose so barr'd, it followes, Nothing is done to purpose. Therefore beseech you, You that will be lesse fearefull, then discreet, That loue the Fundamentall part of State More then you doubt the change on't: That preferre A Noble life, before a Long, and Wish, To iumpe a Body with a dangerous Physicke, That's sure of death without it: at once plucke out The Multitudinous Tongue, let them not licke The sweet which is their poyson. Your dishonor Mangles true iudgement, and bereaues the State Of that Integrity which should becom't: Not hauing the power to do the good it would For th' ill which doth controul't

Bru. Has said enough

Sicin. Ha's spoken like a Traitor, and shall answer As Traitors do

Corio. Thou wretch, despight ore-whelme thee: What should the people do with these bald Tribunes? On whom depending, their obedience failes To'th' greater Bench, in a Rebellion: When what's not meet, but what must be, was Law, Then were they chosen: in a better houre, Let what is meet, be saide it must be meet, And throw their power i'th' dust

Bru. Manifest Treason

Sicin. This a Consull? No. Enter an aedile.

Bru. The Ediles hoe: Let him be apprehended: Sicin. Go call the people, in whose name my Selfe Attach thee as a Traitorous Innouator: A Foe to'th' publike Weale. Obey I charge thee, And follow to thine answer

Corio. Hence old Goat

All. Wee'l Surety him

Com. Ag'd sir, hands off

Corio. Hence rotten thing, or I shall shake thy bones Out of thy Garments

Sicin. Helpe ye Citizens. Enter a rabble of Plebeians with the Aediles.

Mene. On both sides more respect

Sicin. Heere's hee, that would take from you all your power

Bru. Seize him Aediles

All. Downe with him, downe with him

2 Sen. Weapons, weapons, weapons:

They all bustle about Coriolanus.

Tribunes, Patricians, Citizens: what ho: Sicinius, Brutus, Coriolanus, Citizens

All. Peace, peace, peace, stay, hold, peace

Mene. What is about to be? I am out of Breath, Confusions neere, I cannot speake. You, Tribunes To'th' people: Coriolanus, patience: Speak good Sicinius

Scici. Heare me, People peace

All. Let's here our Tribune: peace, speake, speake, speake

Scici. You are at point to lose your Liberties: Martius would haue all from you; Martius, Whom late you haue nam'd for Consull

Mene. Fie, fie, fie, this is the way to kindle, not to quench

Sena. To vnbuild the Citie, and to lay all flat

Scici. What is the Citie, but the People? All. True, the People are the Citie

Brut. By the consent of all, we were establish'd the Peoples Magistrates

All. You so remaine

Mene. And so are like to doe

Com. That is the way to lay the Citie flat, To bring the Roofe to the Foundation, And burie all, which yet distinctly raunges In heapes, and piles of Ruine

Scici. This deserues Death

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