Menen. This but done, Euen as she speakes, why their hearts were yours: For they haue Pardons, being ask'd, as free, As words to little purpose

Volum. Prythee now, Goe, and be rul'd: although I know thou hadst rather Follow thine Enemie in a fierie Gulfe, Then flatter him in a Bower. Enter Cominius.

Here is Cominius

Com. I haue beene i'th' Market place: and Sir 'tis fit You make strong partie, or defend your selfe By calmenesse, or by absence: all's in anger

Menen. Onely faire speech

Com. I thinke 'twill serue, if he can thereto frame his spirit

Volum. He must, and will: Prythee now say you will, and goe about it

Corio. Must I goe shew them my vnbarb'd Sconce? Must I with my base Tongue giue to my Noble Heart A Lye, that it must beare well? I will doo't: Yet were there but this single Plot, to loose This Mould of Martius, they to dust should grinde it, And throw't against the Winde. Toth' Market place: You haue put me now to such a part, which neuer I shall discharge toth' Life

Com. Come, come, wee'le prompt you

Volum. I prythee now sweet Son, as thou hast said My praises made thee first a Souldier; so To haue my praise for this, performe a part Thou hast not done before

Corio. Well, I must doo't: Away my disposition, and possesse me Some Harlots spirit: My throat of Warre be turn'd, Which quier'd with my Drumme into a Pipe, Small as an Eunuch, or the Virgin voyce That Babies lull a-sleepe: The smiles of Knaues Tent in my cheekes, and Schoole-boyes Teares take vp The Glasses of my sight: A Beggars Tongue Make motion through my Lips, and my Arm'd knees Who bow'd but in my Stirrop, bend like his That hath receiu'd an Almes. I will not doo't, Least I surcease to honor mine owne truth, And by my Bodies action, teach my Minde A most inherent Basenesse

Volum. At thy choice then: To begge of thee, it is my more dis-honor, Then thou of them. Come all to ruine, let Thy Mother rather feele thy Pride, then feare Thy dangerous Stoutnesse: for I mocke at death With as bigge heart as thou. Do as thou list, Thy Valiantnesse was mine, thou suck'st it from me: But owe thy Pride thy selfe

Corio. Pray be content: Mother, I am going to the Market place: Chide me no more. Ile Mountebanke their Loues, Cogge their Hearts from them, and come home belou'd Of all the Trades in Rome. Looke, I am going: Commend me to my Wife, Ile returne Consull, Or neuer trust to what my Tongue can do I'th way of Flattery further

Volum. Do your will.

Exit Volumnia

Com. Away, the Tribunes do attend you: arm your self To answer mildely: for they are prepar'd With Accusations, as I heare more strong Then are vpon you yet

Corio. The word is, Mildely. Pray you let vs go, Let them accuse me by inuention: I Will answer in mine Honor

Menen. I, but mildely

Corio. Well mildely be it then, Mildely.


Enter Sicinius and Brutus.

Bru. In this point charge him home, that he affects Tyrannicall power: If he euade vs there, Inforce him with his enuy to the people, And that the Spoile got on the Antiats Was ne're distributed. What, will he come? Enter an Edile.

Edile. Hee's comming

Bru. How accompanied? Edile. With old Menenius, and those Senators That alwayes fauour'd him

Sicin. Haue you a Catalogue Of all the Voices that we haue procur'd, set downe by'th Pole? Edile. I haue: 'tis ready

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