Corio. Away

Mene. How? Away? Corio. Wife, Mother, Child, I know not. My affaires Are Seruanted to others: Though I owe My Reuenge properly, my remission lies In Volcean brests. That we haue beene familiar, Ingrate forgetfulnesse shall poison rather Then pitty: Note how much, therefore be gone. Mine eares against your suites, are stronger then Your gates against my force. Yet for I loued thee, Take this along, I writ it for thy sake, And would haue sent it. Another word Menenius, I will not heare thee speake. This man Auffidius Was my belou'd in Rome: yet thou behold'st

Auffid. You keepe a constant temper.


Manet the Guard and Menenius.

1 Now sir, is your name Menenius? 2 'Tis a spell you see of much power: You know the way home againe

1 Do you heare how wee are shent for keeping your greatnesse backe? 2 What cause do you thinke I haue to swoond? Menen. I neither care for th' world, nor your General: for such things as you. I can scarse thinke ther's any, y'are so slight. He that hath a will to die by himselfe, feares it not from another: Let your Generall do his worst. For you, bee that you are, long; and your misery encrease with your age. I say to you, as I was said to, Away.


1 A Noble Fellow I warrant him

2 The worthy Fellow is our General. He's the Rock, The Oake not to be winde-shaken.

Exit Watch.

Enter Coriolanus and Auffidius.

Corio. We will before the walls of Rome to morrow Set downe our Hoast. My partner in this Action, You must report to th' Volcian Lords, how plainly I haue borne this Businesse

Auf. Onely their ends you haue respected, Stopt your eares against the generall suite of Rome: Neuer admitted a priuat whisper, no not with such frends That thought them sure of you

Corio. This last old man, Whom with a crack'd heart I haue sent to Rome, Lou'd me, aboue the measure of a Father, Nay godded me indeed. Their latest refuge Was to send him: for whose old Loue I haue (Though I shew'd sowrely to him) once more offer'd The first Conditions which they did refuse, And cannot now accept, to grace him onely, That thought he could do more: A very little I haue yeelded too. Fresh Embasses, and Suites, Nor from the State, nor priuate friends heereafter Will I lend eare to. Ha? what shout is this?

Shout within

Shall I be tempted to infringe my vow In the same time 'tis made? I will not. Enter Virgilia, Volumnia, Valeria, yong Martius, with Attendants.

My wife comes formost, then the honour'd mould Wherein this Trunke was fram'd, and in her hand The Grandchilde to her blood. But out affection, All bond and priuiledge of Nature breake; Let it be Vertuous to be Obstinate. What is that Curt'sie worth? Or those Doues eyes, Which can make Gods forsworne? I melt, and am not Of stronger earth then others: my Mother bowes, As if Olympus to a Mole-hill should In supplication Nod: and my yong Boy Hath an Aspect of intercession, which Great Nature cries, Deny not. Let the Volces Plough Rome, and harrow Italy, Ile neuer Be such a Gosling to obey instinct; but stand As if a man were Author of himself, & knew no other kin Virgil. My Lord and Husband

Corio. These eyes are not the same I wore in Rome

Virg. The sorrow that deliuers vs thus chang'd, Makes you thinke so

Corio. Like a dull Actor now, I haue forgot my part, And I am out, euen to a full Disgrace. Best of my Flesh, Forgiue my Tyranny: but do not say, For that forgiue our Romanes. O a kisse Long as my Exile, sweet as my Reuenge! Now by the iealous Queene of Heauen, that kisse I carried from thee deare; and my true Lippe Hath Virgin'd it ere since. You Gods, I pray, And the most noble Mother of the world Leaue vnsaluted: Sinke my knee i'th' earth,

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