Bel. What's your name? Imo. Fidele Sir: I haue a Kinsman, who Is bound for Italy; he embark'd at Milford, To whom being going, almost spent with hunger, I am falne in this offence

Bel. Prythee (faire youth) Thinke vs no Churles: nor measure our good mindes By this rude place we liue in. Well encounter'd, 'Tis almost night, you shall haue better cheere Ere you depart; and thankes to stay, and eate it: Boyes, bid him welcome

Gui. Were you a woman, youth, I should woo hard, but be your Groome in honesty: I bid for you, as I do buy

Arui. Ile make't my Comfort He is a man, Ile loue him as my Brother: And such a welcome as I'ld giue to him (After long absence) such is yours. Most welcome: Be sprightly, for you fall 'mongst Friends

Imo. 'Mongst Friends? If Brothers: would it had bin so, that they Had bin my Fathers Sonnes, then had my prize Bin lesse, and so more equall ballasting To thee Posthumus

Bel. He wrings at some distresse

Gui. Would I could free't

Arui. Or I, what ere it be, What paine it cost, what danger: Gods! Bel. Hearke Boyes

Imo. Great men That had a Court no bigger then this Caue, That did attend themselues, and had the vertue Which their owne Conscience seal'd them: laying by That nothing-guift of differing Multitudes Could not out-peere these twaine. Pardon me Gods, I'ld change my sexe to be Companion with them, Since Leonatus false

Bel. It shall be so: Boyes wee'l go dresse our Hunt. Faire youth come in; Discourse is heauy, fasting: when we haue supp'd Wee'l mannerly demand thee of thy Story, So farre as thou wilt speake it

Gui. Pray draw neere

Arui. The Night to'th' Owle, And Morne to th' Larke lesse welcome

Imo. Thankes Sir

Arui. I pray draw neere.


Scena Octaua.

Enter two Roman Senators, and Tribunes.

1.Sen. This is the tenor of the Emperors Writ; That since the common men are now in Action 'Gainst the Pannonians, and Dalmatians, And that the Legions now in Gallia, are Full weake to vndertake our Warres against The falne-off Britaines, that we do incite The Gentry to this businesse. He creates Lucius Pro-Consull: and to you the Tribunes For this immediate Leuy, he commands His absolute Commission. Long liue Caesar

Tri. Is Lucius Generall of the Forces? 2.Sen. I

Tri. Remaining now in Gallia? 1.Sen. With those Legions Which I haue spoke of, whereunto your leuie Must be suppliant: the words of your Commission Will tye you to the numbers, and the time Of their dispatch

Tri. We will discharge our duty.


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