Othe. Let her haue your voice. Vouch with me Heauen, I therefore beg it not To please the pallate of my Appetite: Nor to comply with heat the yong affects In my defunct, and proper satisfaction. But to be free, and bounteous to her minde: And Heauen defend your good soules, that you thinke I will your serious and great businesse scant When she is with me. No, when light wing'd Toyes Of feather'd Cupid, seele with wanton dulnesse My speculatiue, and offic'd Instrument: That my Disports corrupt, and taint my businesse: Let House-wiues make a Skillet of my Helme, And all indigne, and base aduersities, Make head against my Estimation

Duke. Be it as you shall priuately determine, Either for her stay, or going: th' Affaire cries hast: And speed must answer it

Sen. You must away to night

Othe. With all my heart

Duke. At nine i'th' morning, here wee'l meete againe. Othello, leaue some Officer behind And he shall our Commission bring to you: And such things else of qualitie and respect As doth import you

Othe. So please your Grace, my Ancient, A man he is of honesty and trust: To his conueyance I assigne my wife, With what else needfull, your good Grace shall think To be sent after me

Duke. Let it be so: Good night to euery one. And Noble Signior, If Vertue no delighted Beautie lacke, Your Son-in-law is farre more Faire then Blacke

Sen. Adieu braue Moore, vse Desdemona well

Bra. Looke to her (Moore) if thou hast eies to see: She ha's deceiu'd her Father, and may thee. Enter.

Othe. My life vpon her faith. Honest Iago, My Desdemona must I leaue to thee: I prythee let thy wife attend on her, And bring them after in the best aduantage. Come Desdemona, I haue but an houre Of Loue, of wordly matter, and direction To spend with thee. We must obey the time. Enter.

Rod. Iago

Iago. What saist thou Noble heart? Rod. What will I do, think'st thou? Iago. Why go to bed and sleepe

Rod. I will incontinently drowne my selfe

Iago. If thou do'st, I shall neuer loue thee after. Why thou silly Gentleman? Rod. It is sillynesse to liue, when to liue is torment: and then haue we a prescription to dye, when death is our Physition

Iago. Oh villanous: I haue look'd vpon the world for foure times seuen yeares, and since I could distinguish betwixt a Benefit, and an Iniurie: I neuer found man that knew how to loue himselfe. Ere I would say, I would drowne my selfe for the loue of a Gynney Hen, I would change my Humanity with a Baboone

Rod. What should I do? I confesse it is my shame to be so fond, but it is not in my vertue to amend it

Iago. Vertue? A figge, 'tis in our selues that we are thus, or thus. Our Bodies are our Gardens, to the which, our Wills are Gardiners. So that if we will plant Nettels, or sowe Lettice: Set Hisope, and weede vp Time: Supplie it with one gender of Hearbes, or distract it with many: either to haue it sterrill with idlenesse, or manured with Industry, why the power, and Corrigeable authoritie of this lies in our Wills. If the braine of our liues had not one Scale of Reason, to poize another of Sensualitie, the blood, and basenesse of our Natures would conduct vs to most prepostrous Conclusions. But we haue Reason to coole our raging Motions, our carnall Stings, or vnbitted Lusts: whereof I take this, that you call Loue, to be a Sect, or Seyen

Rod. It cannot be

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