Oth. Yes: 'Tis aemilia: by and by. Shee's dead. 'Tis like she comes to speake of Cassio's death: The noise was high. Hah, no more moouing? Still as the Graue. Shall she come in? Wer't good? I thinke she stirres againe. No, what's best to do? If she come in, shee'l sure speake to my wife: My wife, my wife: what wife? I haue no wife. Oh insupportable! Oh heauy houre! Me thinkes, it should be now a huge Eclipse Of Sunne, and Moone; and that th' affrighted Globe Did yawne at Alteration. Aemil. I do beseech you That I may speake with you. Oh good my Lord

Oth. I had forgot thee: oh come in aemilia. Soft, by and by, let me the Curtaines draw. Where art thou? What's the matter with thee now? Enter aemilia.

Aemil. Oh my good Lord, yonders foule Murthers done

Oth. What? now? Aemil. But now, my Lord

Oth. It is the very error of the Moone, She comes more neerer Earth then she was wont, And makes men mad. Aemil. Cassio, my Lord, hath kill'd A young Venetian, call'd Rodorigo

Oth. Rodorigo kill'd? and Cassio kill'd? Aemil. No, Cassio is not kill'd

Oth. Not Cassio kill'd? Then Murther's out of tune, And sweet Reuenge growes harsh

Des. O falsely, falsely murder'd. Aemil. Alas! what cry is that? Oth. That? What? Aemil. Out, and alas, that was my Ladies voice. Helpe, helpe hoa, helpe. Oh Ladie speake againe, Sweet Desdemona, oh sweet Mistris, speake

Des. A guiltlesse death, I dye. Aemil. Oh who hath done this deed? Des. No body: I my selfe, farewell: Commend me to my kinde Lord: oh farewell

Oth. Why, how should she be murdred? Aemil. Alas: who knowes? Oth. You heare her say her selfe, it was not I. Aemil. She said so: I must needs report the truth

Oth. She's like a Liar gone to burning hell, 'Twas I that kill'd her. Aemil. Oh the more Angell she, and you the blacker Diuell

Oth. She turn'd to folly: and she was a whore. Aemil. Thou do'st bely her, and thou art a diuell

Oth. She was false as water. Aemil. Thou art rash as fire, to say That she was false. Oh she was heauenly true

Oth. Cassio did top her: Ask thy husband else. O, I were damn'd beneath all depth in hell: But that I did proceed vpon iust grounds To this extremity. Thy Husband knew it all. Aemil. My Husband? Oth. Thy Husband. Aemil. That she was false to Wedlocke? Oth. I, with Cassio: had she bin true, If Heauen would make me such another world, Of one entyre and perfect Chrysolite, I'ld not haue sold her for it. Aemil. My Husband? Oth. I, 'twas he that told me on her first, An honest man he is, and hates the slime That stickes on filthy deeds. Aemil. My Husband? Oth. What needs this itterance, Woman? I say, thy Husband. Aemil. Oh Mistris, Villany hath made mockes with loue: My Husband say she was false? Oth. He, Woman; I say thy Husband: Do'st vnderstand the word? My Friend, thy Husband; honest, honest Iago. Aemil. If he say so, may his pernicious Soule Rot halfe a graine a day: he lyes to'th' heart, She was too fond of her most filthy Bargaine

Oth. Hah? Aemil. Do thy worst: This deede of thine is no more worthy Heauen, Then thou was't worthy her

Oth. Peace, you were best. Aemil. Thou hast not halfe that powre to do me harm, As I haue to be hurt. Oh Gull, oh dolt, As ignorant as durt: thou hast done a deed (I care not for thy Sword) Ile make thee known, Though I lost twenty liues. Helpe, helpe, hoa, helpe: The Moore hath kill'd my Mistris. Murther, murther. Enter Montano, Gratiano, and Iago.

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