King. Rise Titus, rise, My Empresse hath preuail'd

Titus. I thanke your Maiestie, And her my Lord. These words, these lookes, Infuse new life in me

Tamo. Titus, I am incorparate in Rome, A Roman now adopted happily. And must aduise the Emperour for his good, This day all quarrels die Andronicus. And let it be mine honour good my Lord, That I haue reconcil'd your friends and you. For you Prince Bassianus, I haue past My word and promise to the Emperour, That you will be more milde and tractable. And feare not Lords: And you Lauinia, By my aduise all humbled on your knees, You shall aske pardon of his Maiestie

Son. We doe, And vow to heauen, and to his Highnes, That what we did, was mildly, as we might, Tendring our sisters honour and our owne

Mar. That on mine honour heere I do protest

King. Away and talke not, trouble vs no more

Tamora. Nay, nay, Sweet Emperour, we must all be friends, The Tribune and his Nephews kneele for grace, I will not be denied, sweet hart looke back

King. Marcus, For thy sake and thy brothers heere, And at my louely Tamora's intreats, I doe remit these young mens haynous faults. Stand vp: Lauinia, though you left me like a churle, I found a friend, and sure as death I sware, I would not part a Batchellour from the Priest. Come, if the Emperours Court can feast two Brides, You are my guest Lauinia, and your friends: This day shall be a Loue-day Tamora

Tit. To morrow and it please your Maiestie, To hunt the Panther and the Hart with me, With horne and Hound, Weele giue your Grace Bon iour

Satur. Be it so Titus, and Gramercy to.


William Shakespeare
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