Leo. Oh my Brother, (Good Gentleman) the wrongs I haue done thee, stirre Afresh within me: and these thy offices (So rarely kind) are as Interpreters Of my behind-hand slacknesse. Welcome hither, As is the Spring to th' Earth. And hath he too Expos'd this Paragon to th' fearefull vsage (At least vngentle) of the dreadfull Neptune, To greet a man, not worth her paines; much lesse, Th' aduenture of her person? Flo. Good my Lord, She came from Libia

Leo. Where the Warlike Smalus, That Noble honor'd Lord, is fear'd, and lou'd? Flo. Most Royall Sir, From thence: from him, whose Daughter His Teares proclaym'd his parting with her: thence (A prosperous South-wind friendly) we haue cross'd, To execute the Charge my Father gaue me, For visiting your Highnesse: My best Traine I haue from your Sicilian Shores dismiss'd; Who for Bohemia bend, to signifie Not onely my successe in Libia (Sir) But my arriuall, and my Wifes, in safetie Here, where we are

Leo. The blessed Gods Purge all Infection from our Ayre, whilest you Doe Clymate here: you haue a holy Father, A graceful Gentleman, against whose person (So sacred as it is) I haue done sinne, For which, the Heauens (taking angry note) Haue left me Issue-lesse: and your Father's bless'd (As he from Heauen merits it) with you, Worthy his goodnesse. What might I haue been, Might I a Sonne and Daughter now haue look'd on, Such goodly things as you? Enter a Lord.

Lord. Most Noble Sir, That which I shall report, will beare no credit, Were not the proofe so nigh. Please you (great Sir) Bohemia greets you from himselfe, by me: Desires you to attach his Sonne, who ha's (His Dignitie, and Dutie both cast off) Fled from his Father, from his Hopes, and with A Shepheards Daughter

Leo. Where's Bohemia? speake: Lord. Here, in your Citie: I now came from him. I speake amazedly, and it becomes My meruaile, and my Message. To your Court Whiles he was hastning (in the Chase, it seemes, Of this faire Couple) meetes he on the way The Father of this seeming Lady, and Her Brother, hauing both their Countrey quitted, With this young Prince

Flo. Camillo ha's betray'd me; Whose honor, and whose honestie till now, Endur'd all Weathers

Lord. Lay't so to his charge: He's with the King your Father

Leo. Who? Camillo? Lord. Camillo (Sir:) I spake with him: who now Ha's these poore men in question. Neuer saw I Wretches so quake: they kneele, they kisse the Earth; Forsweare themselues as often as they speake: Bohemia stops his eares, and threatens them With diuers deaths, in death

Perd. Oh my poore Father: The Heauen sets Spyes vpon vs, will not haue Our Contract celebrated

Leo. You are marryed? Flo. We are not (Sir) nor are we like to be: The Starres (I see) will kisse the Valleyes first: The oddes for high and low's alike

Leo. My Lord, Is this the Daughter of a King? Flo. She is, When once she is my Wife

Leo. That once (I see) by your good Fathers speed, Will come-on very slowly. I am sorry (Most sorry) you haue broken from his liking, Where you were ty'd in dutie: and as sorry, Your Choice is not so rich in Worth, as Beautie, That you might well enioy her

Flo. Deare, looke vp: Though Fortune, visible an Enemie, Should chase vs, with my Father; powre no iot Hath she to change our Loues. Beseech you (Sir) Remember, since you ow'd no more to Time Then I doe now: with thought of such Affections, Step forth mine Aduocate: at your request, My Father will graunt precious things, as Trifles

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