Prin. You doe the King my Father too much wrong, And wrong the reputation of your name, In so vnseeming to confesse receyt Of that which hath so faithfully beene paid

Kin. I doe protest I neuer heard of it, And if you proue it, Ile repay it backe, Or yeeld vp Aquitaine

Prin. We arrest your word: Boyet, you can produce acquittances For such a summe, from speciall Officers, Of Charles his Father

Kin. Satisfie me so

Boyet. So please your Grace, the packet is not come Where that and other specialties are bound, To morrow you shall haue a sight of them

Kin. It shall suffice me; at which enterview, All liberall reason would I yeeld vnto: Meane time, receiue such welcome at my hand, As honour, without breach of Honour may Make tender of, to thy true worthinesse. You may not come faire Princesse in my gates, But heere without you shall be so receiu'd, As you shall deeme your selfe lodg'd in my heart, Though so deni'd farther harbour in my house: Your owne good thoughts excuse me, and farewell, To morrow we shall visit you againe

Prin. Sweet health & faire desires consort your grace

Kin. Thy own wish wish I thee, in euery place. Enter.

Boy. Lady, I will commend you to my owne heart

La.Ro. Pray you doe my commendations, I would be glad to see it

Boy. I would you heard it grone

La.Ro. Is the soule sicke? Boy. Sicke at the heart

La.Ro. Alacke, let it bloud

Boy. Would that doe it good? La.Ro. My Phisicke saies I

Boy. Will you prick't with your eye

La.Ro. No poynt, with my knife

Boy. Now God saue thy life

La.Ro. And yours from long liuing

Ber. I cannot stay thanks-giuing. Enter.

Enter Dumane.

Dum. Sir, I pray you a word: What Lady is that same? Boy. The heire of Alanson, Rosalin her name

Dum. A gallant Lady, Mounsier fare you well

Long. I beseech you a word: what is she in the white? Boy. A woman somtimes, if you saw her in the light

Long. Perchance light in the light: I desire her name

Boy. Shee hath but one for her selfe, To desire that were a shame

Long. Pray you sir, whose daughter? Boy. Her Mothers, I haue heard

Long. Gods blessing a your beard

Boy. Good sir be not offended, Shee is an heyre of Faulconbridge

Long. Nay, my choller is ended: Shee is a most sweet Lady.

Exit. Long.

Boy. Not vnlike sir, that may be. Enter Beroune.

Ber. What's her name in the cap

Boy. Katherine by good hap

Ber. Is she wedded, or no

Boy. To her will sir, or so, Ber. You are welcome sir, adiew

Boy. Fare well to me sir, and welcome to you. Enter.

La.Ma. That last is Beroune, the mery mad-cap Lord. Not a word with him, but a iest

Boy. And euery iest but a word

Pri. It was well done of you to take him at his word

Boy. I was as willing to grapple, as he was to boord

La.Ma. Two hot Sheepes marie: And wherefore not Ships? Boy. No Sheepe (sweet Lamb) vnlesse we feed on your lips

La. You Sheepe & I pasture: shall that finish the iest? Boy. So you grant pasture for me

La. Not so gentle beast. My lips are no Common, though seuerall they be

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