Dolph. Meane time looke gracious on thy prostrate Thrall

Reigneir. My Lord me thinkes is very long in talke

Alans. Doubtlesse he shriues this woman to her smock, Else ne're could he so long protract his speech

Reigneir. Shall wee disturbe him, since hee keepes no meane? Alan. He may meane more then we poor men do know, These women are shrewd tempters with their tongues

Reigneir. My Lord, where are you? what deuise you on? Shall we giue o're Orleance, or no? Puzel. Why no, I say: distrustfull Recreants, Fight till the last gaspe: Ile be your guard

Dolph. What shee sayes, Ile confirme: wee'le fight it out

Puzel. Assign'd am I to be the English Scourge. This night the Siege assuredly Ile rayse: Expect Saint Martins Summer, Halcyons dayes, Since I haue entred into these Warres. Glory is like a Circle in the Water, Which neuer ceaseth to enlarge it selfe, Till by broad spreading, it disperse to naught. With Henries death, the English Circle ends, Dispersed are the glories it included: Now am I like that prowd insulting Ship, Which Csar and his fortune bare at once

Dolph. Was Mahomet inspired with a Doue? Thou with an Eagle art inspired then. Helen, the Mother of Great Constantine, Nor yet S[aint]. Philips daughters were like thee. Bright Starre of Venus, falne downe on the Earth, How may I reuerently worship thee enough? Alanson. Leaue off delayes, and let vs rayse the Siege

Reigneir. Woman, do what thou canst to saue our honors, Driue them from Orleance, and be immortaliz'd

Dolph. Presently wee'le try: come, let's away about it, No Prophet will I trust, if shee proue false.


Enter Gloster, with his Seruing-men.

Glost. I am come to suruey the Tower this day; Since Henries death, I feare there is Conueyance: Where be these Warders, that they wait not here? Open the Gates, 'tis Gloster that calls

1.Warder. Who's there, that knocks so imperiously? Glost.1.Man. It is the Noble Duke of Gloster

2.Warder. Who ere he be, you may not be let in

1.Man. Villaines, answer you so the Lord Protector? 1.Warder. The Lord protect him, so we answer him, We doe no otherwise then wee are will'd

Glost. Who willed you? or whose will stands but mine? There's none Protector of the Realme, but I: Breake vp the Gates, Ile be your warrantize; Shall I be flowted thus by dunghill Groomes?

Glosters men rush at the Tower Gates, and Wooduile the Lieutenant speakes within.

Wooduile. What noyse is this? what Traytors haue wee here? Glost. Lieutenant, is it you whose voyce I heare? Open the Gates, here's Gloster that would enter

Wooduile. Haue patience Noble Duke, I may not open, The Cardinall of Winchester forbids: From him I haue expresse commandement, That thou nor none of thine shall be let in

Glost. Faint-hearted Wooduile, prizest him 'fore me? Arrogant Winchester, that haughtie Prelate, Whom Henry our late Soueraigne ne're could brooke? Thou art no friend to God, or to the King: Open the Gates, or Ile shut thee out shortly

Seruingmen. Open the Gates vnto the Lord Protector, Or wee'le burst them open, if that you come not quickly. Enter to the Protector at the Tower Gates, Winchester and his men in Tawney Coates.

Winchest. How now ambitious Vmpheir, what meanes this? Glost. Piel'd Priest, doo'st thou command me to be shut out? Winch. I doe, thou most vsurping Proditor, And not Protector of the King or Realme

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