Lieu. Poole, Sir Poole? Lord, I kennell, puddle, sinke, whose filth and dirt Troubles the siluer Spring, where England drinkes: Now will I dam vp this thy yawning mouth, For swallowing the Treasure of the Realme. Thy lips that kist the Queene, shall sweepe the ground: And thou that smil'dst at good Duke Humfries death, Against the senselesse windes shall grin in vaine, Who in contempt shall hisse at thee againe. And wedded be thou to the Hagges of hell, For daring to affye a mighty Lord Vnto the daughter of a worthlesse King, Hauing neyther Subiect, Wealth, nor Diadem: By diuellish policy art thou growne great, And like ambitious Sylla ouer-gorg'd, With gobbets of thy Mother-bleeding heart. By thee Aniou and Maine were sold to France. The false reuolting Normans thorough thee, Disdaine to call vs Lord, and Piccardie Hath slaine their Gouernors, surpriz'd our Forts, And sent the ragged Souldiers wounded home. The Princely Warwicke, and the Neuils all, Whose dreadfull swords were neuer drawne in vaine, As hating thee, and rising vp in armes. And now the House of Yorke thrust from the Crowne, By shamefull murther of a guiltlesse King, And lofty proud incroaching tyranny, Burnes with reuenging fire, whose hopefull colours Aduance our halfe-fac'd Sunne, striuing to shine; Vnder the which is writ, Inuitis nubibus. The Commons heere in Kent are vp in armes, And to conclude, Reproach and Beggerie, Is crept into the Pallace of our King, And all by thee: away, conuey him hence

Suf. O that I were a God, to shoot forth Thunder Vpon these paltry, seruile, abiect Drudges: Small things make base men proud. This Villaine heere, Being Captaine of a Pinnace, threatens more Then Bargulus the strong Illyrian Pyrate. Drones sucke not Eagles blood, but rob Bee-hiues: It is impossible that I should dye By such a lowly Vassall as thy selfe. Thy words moue Rage, and not remorse in me: I go of Message from the Queene to France: I charge thee waft me safely crosse the Channell

Lieu. Water: W. Come Suffolke, I must waft thee to thy death

Suf. Pine gelidus timor occupat artus, it is thee I feare

Wal. Thou shalt haue cause to feare before I leaue thee. What, are ye danted now? Now will ye stoope

1.Gent. My gracious Lord intreat him, speak him fair

Suf. Suffolkes Imperiall tongue is sterne and rough: Vs'd to command, vntaught to pleade for fauour. Farre be it, we should honor such as these With humble suite: no, rather let my head Stoope to the blocke, then these knees bow to any, Saue to the God of heauen, and to my King: And sooner dance vpon a bloody pole, Then stand vncouer'd to the Vulgar Groome. True Nobility, is exempt from feare: More can I beare, then you dare execute

Lieu. Hale him away, and let him talke no more: Come Souldiers, shew what cruelty ye can

Suf. That this my death may neuer be forgot. Great men oft dye by vilde Bezonions. A Romane Sworder, and Bandetto slaue Murder'd sweet Tully. Brutus Bastard hand Stab'd Iulius Csar. Sauage Islanders Pompey the Great, and Suffolke dyes by Pyrats.

Exit Water with Suffolke.

Lieu. And as for these whose ransome we haue set, It is our pleasure one of them depart: Therefore come you with vs, and let him go.

Exit Lieutenant, and the rest.

Manet the first Gent. Enter Walter with the body.

Wal. There let his head, and liuelesse bodie lye, Vntill the Queene his Mistris bury it.

Exit Walter

1.Gent. O barbarous and bloudy spectacle, His body will I beare vnto the King: If he reuenge it not, yet will his Friends, So will the Queene, that liuing, held him deere. Enter Beuis, and Iohn Holland.

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