Cade. Tut, when struck'st thou one blow in the field? Say. Great men haue reaching hands: oft haue I struck Those that I neuer saw, and strucke them dead

Geo. O monstrous Coward! What, to come behinde Folkes? Say. These cheekes are pale for watching for your good Cade. Giue him a box o'th' eare, and that wil make 'em red againe

Say. Long sitting to determine poore mens causes, Hath made me full of sicknesse and diseases

Cade. Ye shall haue a hempen Candle then, & the help of hatchet

Dicke. Why dost thou quiuer man? Say. The Palsie, and not feare prouokes me

Cade. Nay, he noddes at vs, as who should say, Ile be euen with you. Ile see if his head will stand steddier on a pole, or no: Take him away, and behead him

Say. Tell me: wherein haue I offended most? Haue I affected wealth, or honor? Speake. Are my Chests fill'd vp with extorted Gold? Is my Apparrell sumptuous to behold? Whom haue I iniur'd, that ye seeke my death? These hands are free from guiltlesse bloodshedding, This breast from harbouring foule deceitfull thoughts. O let me liue

Cade. I feele remorse in my selfe with his words: but Ile bridle it: he shall dye, and it bee but for pleading so well for his life. Away with him, he ha's a Familiar vnder his Tongue, he speakes not a Gods name. Goe, take him away I say, and strike off his head presently, and then breake into his Sonne in Lawes house, Sir Iames Cromer, and strike off his head, and bring them both vppon two poles hither

All. It shall be done

Say. Ah Countrimen: If when you make your prair's, God should be so obdurate as your selues: How would it fare with your departed soules, And therefore yet relent, and saue my life

Cade. Away with him, and do as I command ye: the proudest Peere in the Realme, shall not weare a head on his shoulders, vnlesse he pay me tribute: there shall not a maid be married, but she shall pay to me her Maydenhead ere they haue it: Men shall hold of mee in Capite. And we charge and command, that their wiues be as free as heart can wish, or tongue can tell

Dicke. My Lord, When shall we go to Cheapside, and take vp commodities vpon our billes? Cade. Marry presently

All. O braue. Enter one with the heads.

Cade. But is not this brauer: Let them kisse one another: For they lou'd well When they were aliue. Now part them againe, Least they consult about the giuing vp Of some more Townes in France. Soldiers, Deferre the spoile of the Citie vntill night: For with these borne before vs, in steed of Maces, Will we ride through the streets, & at euery Corner Haue them kisse. Away.


Alarum, and Retreat. Enter againe Cade, and all his rabblement.

Cade. Vp Fish-streete, downe Saint Magnes corner, kill and knocke downe, throw them into Thames:

Sound a parley.

What noise is this I heare? Dare any be so bold to sound Retreat or Parley When I command them kill? Enter Buckingham, and old Clifford.

Buc. I heere they be, that dare and will disturb thee: Know Cade, we come Ambassadors from the King Vnto the Commons, whom thou hast misled, And heere pronounce free pardon to them all, That will forsake thee, and go home in peace

Clif. What say ye Countrimen, will ye relent And yeeld to mercy, whil'st 'tis offered you, Or let a rabble leade you to your deaths. Who loues the King, and will imbrace his pardon, Fling vp his cap, and say, God saue his Maiesty. Who hateth him, and honors not his Father, Henry the fift, that made all France to quake, Shake he his weapon at vs, and passe by

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