The Tempest

Page 37

Here Prospero discouers Ferdinand and Miranda, playing at Chesse.

Mir. Sweet Lord, you play me false

Fer. No my dearest loue, I would not for the world

Mir. Yes, for a score of Kingdomes, you should wrangle, And I would call it faire play

Alo. If this proue A vision of the Island, one deere Sonne Shall I twice loose

Seb. A most high miracle

Fer. Though the Seas threaten they are mercifull, I haue curs'd them without cause

Alo. Now all the blessings Of a glad father, compasse thee about: Arise, and say how thou cam'st heere

Mir. O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there heere? How beauteous mankinde is? O braue new world That has such people in't

Pro. 'Tis new to thee

Alo. What is this Maid, with whom thou was't at play? Your eld'st acquaintance cannot be three houres: Is she the goddesse that hath seuer'd vs, And brought vs thus together?

Fer. Sir, she is mortall; But by immortall prouidence, she's mine; I chose her when I could not aske my Father For his aduise: nor thought I had one: She Is daughter to this famous Duke of Millaine, Of whom, so often I haue heard renowne, But neuer saw before: of whom I haue Receiu'd a second life; and second Father This Lady makes him to me

Alo. I am hers. But O, how odly will it sound, that I Must aske my childe forgiuenesse?

Pro. There Sir stop, Let vs not burthen our remembrances, with A heauinesse that's gon

Gon. I haue inly wept, Or should haue spoke ere this: looke downe you gods And on this couple drop a blessed crowne; For it is you, that haue chalk'd forth the way Which brought vs hither

Alo. I say Amen, Gonzallo

Gon. Was Millaine thrust from Millaine, that his Issue Should become Kings of Naples? O reioyce Beyond a common ioy, and set it downe With gold on lasting Pillers: In one voyage Did Claribell her husband finde at Tunis, And Ferdinand her brother, found a wife, Where he himselfe was lost: Prospero, his Dukedome In a poore Isle: and all of vs, our selues, When no man was his owne

Alo. Giue me your hands: Let griefe and sorrow still embrace his heart, That doth not wish you ioy

Gon. Be it so, Amen.

Enter Ariell, with the Master and Boatswaine amazedly following.

O looke Sir, looke Sir, here is more of vs: I prophesi'd, if a Gallowes were on Land This fellow could not drowne: Now blasphemy, That swear'st Grace ore-boord, not an oath on shore, Hast thou no mouth by land? What is the newes?

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