Char. I warrant you Madam.


Enter Anthony and Octauia.

Ant. Nay, nay Octauia, not onely that, That were excusable, that and thousands more Of semblable import, but he hath wag'd New Warres 'gainst Pompey. Made his will, and read it, To publicke eare, spoke scantly of me, When perforce he could not But pay me tearmes of Honour: cold and sickly He vented then most narrow measure: lent me, When the best hint was giuen him: he not took't, Or did it from his teeth

Octaui. Oh my good Lord, Beleeue not all, or if you must beleeue, Stomacke not all. A more vnhappie Lady, If this deuision chance, ne're stood betweene Praying for both parts: The good Gods wil mocke me presently, When I shall pray: Oh blesse my Lord, and Husband, Vndo that prayer, by crying out as loud, Oh blesse my Brother. Husband winne, winne Brother, Prayes, and distroyes the prayer, no midway 'Twixt these extreames at all

Ant. Gentle Octauia, Let your best loue draw to that point which seeks Best to preserue it: if I loose mine Honour, I loose my selfe: better I were not yours Then your so branchlesse. But as you requested, Your selfe shall go between's, the meane time Lady, Ile raise the preparation of a Warre Shall staine your Brother, make your soonest hast, So your desires are yours

Oct. Thanks to my Lord, The Ioue of power make me most weake, most weake, Your reconciler: Warres 'twixt you twaine would be, As if the world should cleaue, and that slaine men Should soalder vp the Rift

Anth. When it appeeres to you where this begins, Turne your displeasure that way, for our faults Can neuer be so equall, that your loue Can equally moue with them. Prouide your going, Choose your owne company, and command what cost Your heart he's mind too.


Enter Enobarbus, and Eros.

Eno. How now Friend Eros? Eros. Ther's strange Newes come Sir

Eno. What man? Ero. Caesar & Lepidus haue made warres vpon Pompey

Eno. This is old, what is the successe? Eros. Caesar hauing made vse of him in the warres 'gainst Pompey: presently denied him riuality, would not let him partake in the glory of the action, and not resting here, accuses him of Letters he had formerly wrote to Pompey. Vpon his owne appeale seizes him, so the poore third is vp, till death enlarge his Confine

Eno. Then would thou hadst a paire of chaps no more, and throw betweene them all the food thou hast, they'le grinde the other. Where's Anthony? Eros. He's walking in the garden thus, and spurnes The rush that lies before him. Cries Foole Lepidus, And threats the throate of that his Officer, That murdred Pompey

Eno. Our great Nauies rig'd

Eros. For Italy and Caesar, more Domitius, My Lord desires you presently: my Newes I might haue told heareafter

Eno. 'Twillbe naught, but let it be: bring me to Anthony

Eros. Come Sir,


Enter Agrippa, Mecenas, and Caesar.

Caes Contemning Rome he ha's done all this, & more In Alexandria: heere's the manner of't: I'th' Market-place on a Tribunall siluer'd, Cleopatra and himselfe in Chaires of Gold Were publikely enthron'd: at the feet, sat Caesarion whom they call my Fathers Sonne, And all the vnlawfull issue, that their Lust Since then hath made betweene them. Vnto her, He gaue the stablishment of Egypt, made her Of lower Syria, Cyprus, Lydia, absolute Queene

Mece. This in the publike eye? Caesar. I'th' common shew place, where they exercise, His Sonnes hither proclaimed the King of Kings, Great Media, Parthia, and Armenia He gaue to Alexander. To Ptolomy he assign'd, Syria, Silicia, and Phoenetia: she In th' abiliments of the Goddesse Isis That day appeer'd, and oft before gaue audience, As 'tis reported so

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