Mece. Let Rome be thus inform'd

Agri. Who queazie with his insolence already, Will their good thoughts call from him

Caesar. The people knowes it, And haue now receiu'd his accusations

Agri. Who does he accuse? Caesar. Caesar, and that hauing in Cicilie Sextus Pompeius spoil'd, we had not rated him His part o'th' Isle. Then does he say, he lent me Some shipping vnrestor'd. Lastly, he frets That Lepidus of the Triumpherate, should be depos'd, And being that, we detaine all his Reuenue

Agri. Sir, this should be answer'd

Caesar. 'Tis done already, and the Messenger gone: I haue told him Lepidus was growne too cruell, That he his high Authority abus'd, And did deserue his change: for what I haue conquer'd, I grant him part: but then in his Armenia, And other of his conquer'd Kingdoms, I demand the like Mec. Hee'l neuer yeeld to that

Caes Nor must not then be yeelded to in this. Enter Octauia with her Traine.

Octa. Haile Caesar, and my L[ord]. haile most deere Caesar

Caesar. That euer I should call thee Cast-away

Octa. You haue not call'd me so, nor haue you cause

Caes Why haue you stoln vpon vs thus? you come not Like Caesars Sister, The wife of Anthony Should haue an Army for an Vsher, and The neighes of Horse to tell of her approach, Long ere she did appeare. The trees by'th' way Should haue borne men, and expectation fainted, Longing for what it had not. Nay, the dust Should haue ascended to the Roofe of Heauen, Rais'd by your populous Troopes: But you are come A Market-maid to Rome, and haue preuented The ostentation of our loue; which left vnshewne, Is often left vnlou'd: we should haue met you By Sea, and Land, supplying euery Stage With an augmented greeting

Octa. Good my Lord, To come thus was I not constrain'd, but did it On my free-will. My Lord Marke Anthony, Hearing that you prepar'd for Warre, acquainted My greeued eare withall: whereon I begg'd His pardon for returne

Caes Which soone he granted, Being an abstract 'tweene his Lust, and him

Octa. Do not say so, my Lord

Caes I haue eyes vpon him, And his affaires come to me on the wind: wher is he now? Octa. My Lord, in Athens

Caesar. No my most wronged Sister, Cleopatra Hath nodded him to her. He hath giuen his Empire Vp to a Whore, who now are leuying The Kings o'th' earth for Warre. He hath assembled, Bochus the King of Lybia, Archilaus Of Cappadocia, Philadelphos King Of Paphlagonia: the Thracian King Adullas, King Manchus of Arabia, King of Pont, Herod of Iewry, Mithridates King Of Comageat, Polemen and Amintas, The Kings of Mede, and Licoania, With a more larger List of Scepters

Octa. Aye me most wretched, That haue my heart parted betwixt two Friends, That does afflict each other

Caes Welcom hither: your Letters did with-holde our breaking forth Till we perceiu'd both how you were wrong led, And we in negligent danger: cheere your heart, Be you not troubled with the time, which driues O're your content, these strong necessities, But let determin'd things to destinie Hold vnbewayl'd their way. Welcome to Rome, Nothing more deere to me: You are abus'd Beyond the marke of thought: and the high Gods To do you Iustice, makes his Ministers Of vs, and those that loue you. Best of comfort, And euer welcom to vs

Agrip. Welcome Lady

Mec. Welcome deere Madam, Each heart in Rome does loue and pitty you, Onely th' adulterous Anthony, most large In his abhominations, turnes you off, And giues his potent Regiment to a Trull That noyses it against vs

Octa. Is it so sir? Caes Most certaine: Sister welcome: pray you Be euer knowne to patience. My deer'st Sister.

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